MigVapor Uses a Melding of Music and Custom Blends, Medicine and Culture

Artists have always endorsed the “bud”, or “herb”, since the beginning of news and fandom. Some artists build their entire career lauding the pleasures and sensations, altered or not, of the herb also known as grass.

Now artists are creating products in a commercial line to reflect their personal blend of herbal oils and combinations. As reported in Billboard Online Magazine, artists are presenting their custom blends of herbal mixes through vaping cartridge manufacturers and distributors. Rebelution is one band that is now aligned with FlavRx of California, who is marketing their flavors: the indica Cali-O and the sativa Sour Tsunami. These blends are only available through FlavRx and is limited to California residents.

There are other ways to get a custom blend with an extremely smooth vape, the Black Sub-Herb MigVapor vaporizer offers a new, more abundant vape for the connoisseur. Just as Rebelution will be offering flowers of their new line of blends, other distributors and artist offer products that are made for the quality vaping pens.
Sub-Herb dry herb vaporizers have inner works, like a new spring and platform, that contain the herbs and flowers tightly when vaping. Hotter air flow is delivered for a thicker vaping experience. The vape tank vaporizer can be attached to any vape battery to improve performance and enhance the pull.

Oils and herbs and flowers are enjoyed more when used with the proper equipment. Papers and stubs are a thing of the past now that vaping pens are available and easy to purchase. Looking for the right paper doesn’t even fit into the picture. Using cartridges, oils, and waxes for containment of herbs is a much more enriching setting for enjoying the herb.

If you are new to vaping, vaporizers are miniature heaters that convert the herb, wax, or oil into a vapor to be sipped and savored. It is not about how deep you inhale, it is about how much vape or how dense the cloud of steam that is made by the vaporizer. The thicker the cloud, the richer the puff. Slow, very slow, even puffs deliver the best intensity and flavor.

As a vaper gains more experience, the desire to create the “perfect” blend becomes a search for just the right combination. With hundreds of flavors of flowers, oils, and waxes, the vaper has their own laboratory at their fingertips. Using the process of elimination and the discerning taste buds of the individual, one can create a custom blend for every occasion. Each customer can purchase dozens of products, even in a sample size, to make just the right and best blend for their very own. They can even name them, at least, in their home laboratory.

Vaping continues to dominate the conversations of smoking and toking versus vaping as evidence proves that vaping, even medical marijuana, is healthier than smoking. Vaping products are increasing the market share of products as more people push for legal medical marijuana and the best ways to ingest the cannabis.