Meanings Behind the Most Widely Used Emojis and How to Use Them Effectively

Technology has significantly increased the speed of long-distance communication and has transformed the ways we communicate with each other.

For instance, when we want to contact our loved ones or do business, we just chat or video-call over the internet using our smartphones. And, now more than ever, we like to use shorthand communications tools like emojis to facilitate our communication.

Emojis have this capacity to simplify or enhance a message. They also express personality and add color to an otherwise bland communication. So, if you’re a beginner in using emojis, you better know the meanings behind the most widely used emojis and how to use them effectively.

Eyes Emoji

For sure, you have seen an emoji that displays a pair of eyes with the pupils slightly peeping to the left. The eyes emoji is an excellent way to show your approval of a particular photo or to convey or elicit suspense and excitement. You can also use it to tell your audience to look at one specific post in your social media feed.

Heart Eyes Emoji

An emoji showing a pair of heart eyes is perfect for communicating your love for a specific thing, whether it be a social media post or a product. If you have a business, you can use the heart eyes emoji to promote your brand or a product you’re selling online.

Laughing Face with Tears of Joy Emoji

The laughing face with tears of joy emoji is the most widely used emoji in the United States in 2017. This emoji is the most convenient way to show amusement, humor, or happiness. Instead of typing “lol” or “haha,” just use this emoji to express your feel-good emotion towards something.

Hand Up Emoji

If you want to participate in something or express your enthusiasm, you can use the hand up emoji for that purpose. Businesses love to use this emoji when they want to get the opinion of their target audience about a new product. It’s also the best response when you agree to a certain proposal in a chat meeting.

Thinking Emoji

You can use a thinking emoji if you want to show doubt or if you’re pondering on something. It’s also the go-to emoji when you want to respond to dubious accusations or controversial issues on the internet. The thinking emoji can also be a great visual to use in a social media poll.

Fire Emoji

The fire emoji can mean a lot of things. It can be an excellent visual addition to a social media post about an actual fire, or you can use it to express your approval of something lit, hot, or exciting.

Flushed Face Emoji

The flushed face emoji is a shorthand for showing gratitude, humility, joy, or embarrassment. For instance, if your company receives an award, you can use this emoji to thank the people who have helped you make it happen and show humility in your achievement.

Waving Emoji

The perfect emoji to use when you’re saying hello or goodbye is the waving emoji. It expresses a level of warmth every time you incorporate it into a social media post about your new service or product or in your welcome email.

Side Eye Emoji

The side-eye emoji is the best response to sarcasm or a not-so-funny joke. Or, if you’re the one making the sarcasm or joke, you can use it as a way to indicate that you’re simply kidding or that your message is not for-real serious.


Using emojis is very popular in modern communication. It’s the best way to simplify or add context to your message. So, if you want to incorporate emojis in your social media posts, make sure to know their meanings and how to use them effectively.