The latest innovative safety features from Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz is a manufacturer that has always looked for ways to improve. They are pioneers in the field, and this is a key reason why they have retained their popularity over the years. Their most recent automobiles come with all kinds of amazing safety features that could stop collisions and save lives.

There is no brand more sought after than Mercedes-Benz. The German manufacturer has a strong reputation for creating stylish and luxury automobiles which the public see as a status symbol. One of the key reasons that Mercedes has retained its popularity throughout its long history is because it has always been innovative. From introducing the world’s first petrol powered car through to the newest safety features, they have always looked for ways to improve.

These innovations have revolutionised the automotive industry and have even saved lives. Today’s Mercedes vehicles contain all kinds of amazing safety equipment as standard, and this makes them a terrific investment. The best way to find these vehicles is to look for a second-hand Mercedes dealership in your area, such as Mercedes Salisbury used cars.

Here a few of the impressive safety features that you could benefit from:


This impressive new feature uses a network of sensors to determine when a collision is imminent. If a collision is unavoidable, the system will prepare the car for a crash. It involves closing the windows, tightening the seat belts and adjusting the seats. These changes may seem small, but they are quite useful in saving your life.

Attention Assist

Driver fatigue is one of the major causes of automobile accidents. Attention Assist can detect driver fatigue and alert the user to pull over – this is an industry first. Attention Assist gets to know your particular driving style in the first minute of a journey. It then uses this information, along with steering corrections and how often you interact the controls, to determine if you are becoming drowsy. It can be challenging to find out if you are too tired to drive, but this system makes it easy for you.

Distronic Plus with Pre-Safe Brake

The Distronic Plus system continuously scans the road ahead for changes in traffic (such as slowing traffic). If the driver does not respond and a crash is imminent, Pre-Safe Brake will initiate 40% braking power, engage the Pre-Safe system and alert the user. 100% braking power is then initiated either automatically or when the driver brakes.

Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist

Many accidents occur during lane changes and because of your blind spot. Blind Spot Assist uses sensors in the rear bumper to detect automobiles in your blind spot and lets you know with a red icon on the dash. If you signal to change lane, an alarm will sound. Lane Keeping Assist, meanwhile, uses a camera to watch your lane and alerts the driver if they drift out of their lane without indicating. In both cases, the system can guide you back into your lane.