Know about these special instructions for parceling your gift

Christmas and new year is about to come, and there are so many people who want to parcel their gift to their love ones who is living in another country. But the problem is how you are going to do that? There are so many courier companies like express international courier. That will help you in sending your parcel quickly. But before that there are some important points that you have to follow. it will decrease the chances of losses and damages of your parcel.

Know about the dimensions of your parcel

Before handling your parcel to the courier company, make sure that you know about it correct weight, size, and height. These things will help you in choosing an correct quote for you. Another thing that you need to do is packing, it very important to pack your gift carefully and it will be better to don’t use too much gift decorators like ribbon and gift wrappers. There are some rules like you can’t ship alcohol or something that can harm others via Courier Company. So make sure that you know those things. Otherwise it may be turn into something else and it may be possible that you end up with heavy charges against breaking law.

Know about the correct time of choosing services

Believe or not, time really matters at the time of choosing your courier service. Like you are sending an urgent thing than you need a service that can do that work for you in short time? For knowing how much time your parcel I going to take for reaching at it destination you can use track my courier services that usually every reputed company offers. No matter you are sending parcel to Australia from UK or somewhere to somewhere, this app will help you in knowing the exact location of your parcel.

It’s important to understand that sometime parcel take extra time due to bad weather condition , holidays, or something like that can affect the speed of delivery.

Mention the proper address of receiver and information

In several countries, custom officers didn’t pass courier before knowing about hr receiver. That’s why it’s important to give some information related to the receiver like his or her phone number, Email or address. Make sure you are not doing any mistake otherwise your courier will not pass for delivery.