Jewellery- Glittery Miracles

The UK perhaps is one of the leading countries in diamond jewellery usage along with various other gems and jewels. With a strong base of export as well as import, it is and will be a thriving and growing field. Diamond merchants are seen in some areas of UK, whereas some may be famous for Platinum. One thing is for sure, Europeans do love their jewellery- expensive, real and definitely glittery.

Varied usage:

All that glitters is definitely gold, platinum, diamond and the list goes on. Even though jewellery only rings the bell of ornamental usage to us in our heads, it is also used for various other purposes.

For example, astrology uses gem stones a lot. Different gems which are precious and semi-precious are carved and used for several reasons and beliefs. They are believed to bring hormone and lifestyle changes in people perhaps by realigning a few planets. A subject of discussion, but nevertheless followed by millions.  The age-old tradition of barter through gold may not be present, but it still stands as a strong barter system when it comes to weddings in the country. More the gold, more the guarantee of a perfect and a successful marriage. The myths I tell you!

Jewellery comes in various forms, from precious stones and metal to junk jewellery. The jewellery industry thrives primarily on jewellery which regular people buy. The imitation jewellery for daily usage, fashion industry and various industries like films, etc. they are feasible and easy to access, carrying the essence of Indian traditional wear. Another common usage is of silver. The age-old charm of the metal still stands high. With growing usage, Indo-western stylish of jewellery is very common and fruitful.

The value:

The value of jewels only increases with time, based on the material and purity. The purest form of jewellery is the best kind of investment. Within years the price jumps up by a surreal rate. People invest in such items because not only do they have a backup investment, they can utilize it when needed. Nowadays, jewellery shopping doesn’t involve visiting a shop or streets for imitation jewellery. Instead, people can now buy jewellery off the internet. A huge selection of brands, designs and specifications are available online. So why would people actually head out? Do they go to buy jewellery? There are different customers for both types of shopping. Either way, it is a large scale profitable business.

The charm!

Jewellery has its own charm. Women across the globe use jewellery as an everyday outfit and carry themselves. At times, for some, it is an essential. Not just women, men too wear various types of jewellery. It is a symbol of wealth as well as panache. The gorgeous designs created by skills craftsmen from the ancient eras are mesmerising. Adding to the old charm, brands like QP Jewellers have created a step ahead in the industry. Jewellery designing is now a celebrate course across the world, teaching young artists the style behind the art of designing beautiful jewellery. Jewellery should be such that it matches attention, stands out, but at the same time be classy.

It is a common practice in parts of the country, wherein brides are covered in gold from head to toe, symbolizing the Indian bride in all their glory.  This woman stands as a representative of a lady who is strong, beautiful, the woman who is going to another family, fierce and in charge of everything. It is a symbol of wealth and tradition. For such reasons, the industry will never fall back. Even though platinum is not a celebrate metal; its value is very high. Only the upper end of the spectrum can possibly afford it.

I remember growing up as a kid who loved dressing up and watching computer jewellery, like earrings with clothes. With time both the jewellery as well as choices developed. Today every street in a metropolitan city would possibly have a jewellery shop. For me walking by street vendors and picking up funky junk jewellery is the most therapeutic type of retail therapy. Coming home to unpack the little wonders gives a different kind of satisfaction. Men may not comprehend such obsession, but only women with the eye for beautiful ornaments, notice the difference.