Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

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E-cigarettes are becoming popular among youngsters and teenagers. While vaping has many health benefits over smoking, but it is still not clear how safe is vaping. It needs a lot more research.

While smoking causes damage to lungs, cancer, breathing problems and circulation, vaping is safer. Still, there are discussions that due to use of nicotine vaping can be addictive. Vaping can harm the brains of teens, children and foetus if the mother is consuming. So, before you make your mind to jump into the vaping community learn few facts about vaping.

Vaping: The Facts  

Unlike traditional cigarettes which are in society for centuries vaping is quite new. People are not aware of the technology and many don’t know about it. Many people put vaping in the same category of smoking but that is not true.

Chemicals Used in Smoking: Smokes includes combustions of tobacco which have various chemicals which can cause serious disease to the user. Using a vaping kit like smok mag 225w tc does not require any combustions as vaping eliminates the combustion process.

Chemicals Used in Vaping: There are fewer chemicals which includes nicotine which is an addictive chemical, propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Acetaldehyde etc. If any other chemical is used then that is used for flavours which are also used in food grades and considered safe to consume. If a user doesn’t want to use nicotine then he/she can use the smok starter kit which has a negligible amount of nicotine. 

Health and Safety: While smoking can affect the non-smoker too, vaping does not make any effect on the non vaper. While cigarettes require fire for combustion vaping devices need batteries. The fire has caused many accidents in the past and hence the manufacturers have taken extra measures for fire safety requirements. While there were cases of battery explosion of vaping devices in the past decade. According to the researches, the reason behind battery explosion is either over changing of the device or poor handling of the battery. 

In the past, there were no injuries due to the battery explosion but as the technology is taking curve and the size of the batteries is increasing there are chances of more injuries due to battery explosions.

Now you have all the facts and myths about vaping and smoking. The vaping kits like smok mag 225w tc are safe for the adults and have no harmful chemicals.