Information And Ways To Escape Tech Debt Trap

There are different phases of development in any software program. These phases are released when a new feature is built and released in the market. This release can be a new code entirely or a refactored code which has been released after successful and effective addressing of the problem. These phases are alpha, beta and golden master and the cycle of it starts as soon as it is released. It reaches the alpha stage when it is ready for testing which is followed by the beta stage when sufficient bugs have been fixed along with the customer feedback enabling. Golden master is the final stage when it can be said that a code if free from any open bugs.

Problem Is Perpetual

A code may have problems in it and such problems arise continuously. It is not that once you address a code and refactor it there will not be any more problem arising. In fact, problems can arise even when you are addressing a specific one at the beta stage. New bugs keep on cropping up and wait for addressing. Therefore, regular and continuous checkups and testing is essential for maintaining good codes. It is a relentless and tiring job which should not be delayed or procrastinated at any cost. It would mean further accumulation, increase in cost or even strangulation of your company even.Image result for Information And Ways To Escape Tech Debt Trap

Control Of Debt

Control of the tech debt is also necessary so that you need less time, effort and money in regular addressing and refactoring as it would also meant that your development process will be slow and your schedules cannot follow the time deadline. This will further lead in losing customers if they do not find useful and effective codes. Therefore, you not only need to maintain a constant supply of good codes but also have to keep a regular check that no bugs infect them. It will also help you to focus on the development of new features to make it even better from the rest available.

Enlighten Your Team

You must know the reasons and the constituent properties of tech debt and make others understand it as well. You must see that there are no controversies regarding maintaining the time deadlines, cutting the corners and keeping the design simple. You must also look into the matter if there is any blame game in your different team, which is the common practice in such cases, and stop encouraging it. Maintain a proper coordination and support between your architecturaland development team so that everyone works as a whole unit when it is time to fix the problem.

Test Codes Always

It is true and you must believe that tech debt is inevitable and therefore you must keep a regular check on it. There are several ways to test faulty codes and to find out whether or not there are any bugs in it and you must apply one always. You can check online to know about several code testing procedures. Once detected and fixed run the test again to ensure that the refactored code is bug free and ready for release. You can even check out for best debt consolidation loans online so as to grab the information and get benefitted in the best possible manner.