In Spain, choose 3ds cfw, 3ds exploit or Sky3ds+ for hacking 11.4 firmware?

How to hack 3ds v11.4.0 in Spain, the 3ds cfw, 3ds homebrew exploit or the sky3ds+ card can work on it? Here, I will tell you the answer and the easiest solution for cracking 3ds v11.4 to play free games.

Which 3ds custom firmware works on 3DS V11.4.0?

Custom Firmware (“CFW”) enables you to use more advanced hacks that userland homebrew can’t easily do. For instance, signature patches let you install unsigned titles that appear right on your HOME Menu. CFW can be easily set up on any console that is on 11.3.0 or lower. Currently, no 3ds CFW can work on 3ds v11.4.

2017 3DS CFWs: One example is Luma3DS, the current most widely used CFW, which allows unsigned CIA (CTR Importable Archives) files to be installed on the Nintendo 3DS devices, provides region-free features, etc.. CFWs such as RxTools and Pasta have been considered obsolete by now. Other CFWs include Corbenik CFW (with a lot more control than Luma, but not meant for newbies), ReiNAND, on which Luma3DS (previously known as AuReiNAND) is based, Cakes CFW (which is the inspiration for Corbenik) and continue to offer support for EmuNAND/RedNAND, a CFW feature that boots the system from a partition of the SD card containing a copy of the 3DS’ NAND memory. These EmuNANDs can protect the 3DS system from bricking, as the usual system NAND is unaffected if the emuNAND is no longer functioning properly or is otherwise unusable.

Which 3ds homebrew exploit supports 3DS V11.4.0?

Homebrew is what we call unofficial software made by amateur developers for closed systems such as the 3DS. This includes both games and applications, and in practice getting homebrew on our 3DS means we’ll be able to play region free games, mod 3ds roms and getting custom firmwares. For install Homebrew to 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS console, we need some homebrew exploits or the entry points.

2017 3DS Exploits: OnlyNinjhax 2.9and Doodlebomb can work on NEW 3DS V11.4. All 3ds homebrew exploits can’t support old 3ds/old 3ds xl/2ds v11.4.0-37.

Exploits supports NEW 3DS 11.4.0 Exploits patched by 3DS 11.4.0
  • Doodlebomb
  • Ninjahax
  • UDSploit: a Kernel exploit for fully hacking 3DS firmware 11.3.
  • Soundhax:no longer to work.
  • Freakyhax:Need new payload.
  • Smashbroshax: Same.
  • Steelhax: Same.
  • Oot3dhax: Same.
  • Stickerhax: Same.
  • Genhax: Same.
  • Painthax: Same.
  • ctpkpwn_tfh


Sky3ds+ hacks the 3ds v11.4 to play free 3ds ds games?

Sky3ds+ is never be patched by 3ds new update as the 3ds cfw or 3ds homebrew exploit. It is always working on the latest 3ds firmware to play 3ds games. Unluckily, the ds games are not supported by Sky3ds+. But you can play free ds games on 2ds/new 3ds/3ds v11.4 console with cheap r4 3ds card.

In fact, compare with 3ds cfw and 3ds exploits, sky3ds+ method is the easiest and most safe hacking for 3ds v11.4. Why?

  1. Sky3ds+ is easy to use on 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS consoles.
  2. Sky3ds+ will never brick your console in any case.
  3. Sky3ds+ supports all 3ds firmware versions.
  4. Sky3ds+ support free 3ds games directly on the console, no need to work with other tool.

All the 4 are sky3ds+’s advantages than 3ds cfws and exploits. If you are looking for the simple and safe way to hack 3DS 11.4 to play free games, without any doubt sky3ds+ is the best option. For those want to buy it, give SKY3DSITALIA.COM a try. They are supporting shipping from EU and game code service.