The Importance of Well Made Commercial Dog Kennels

Commercial dog kennels are more than an escape from the elements. A well-designed structure should keep the animals comfortable and safe from threats including inclement weather, freezing temperatures, or potential predators. It is also important to consider accessibility for cleaning and maintenance. A quality commercial dog kennel, like a home, is an investment. It should be well constructed. It is also worthwhile to consider purchasing a kennel with warranties for damage due to regular wear and tear.

It is important to consider legal regulations that apply to the proper housing of animals. Each state has standards that must be adhered to. Make sure a commercial kennel meets regulations regarding adequate space for each animal, construction materials, and cleanliness. This not only applies to the initial construction but to the regular maintenance and upkeep.

The materials used for a dog kennel must also be safe. Hazardous and toxic materials can harm the animals, so consider the construction and paint materials that will be accessible to the dogs. Another consideration besides material that is safe and easy to clean, is finding a kennel that is built to last. Large dogs can especially cause a lot of wear and tear, which is why sturdy pressure treated wood is important. The floor materials also shouldn’t be damaged by moisture.

Properly insulated shelters will keep dogs adequately comfortable despite especially high or low temperatures. This isn’t only important for the well-being of the dogs but for the versatility of the kennel. If the dog needs to be moved elsewhere for protection from the elements the shelter isn’t doing its job. Reasonable temperatures and access to water are important for the well-being of the dogs inside.

It’s also important that the kennel cannot be chewed through. If a dog can chew their way out of their enclosure and escape they could run away and get lost. A well secured dog will be safer. Dogs could also come to harm or get caught in loose materials while trying to escape if the kennel is not solidly constructed.

Be sure to select a kennel with outdoor runs as well as an insulated interior to protect the dog from the elements. The dogs should not be able to dig under the wireless dog fence of the run and escape. The interior kennel should be easily accessible for cleaning while still easily closed and secured. The sizing should also be adequate for the number of dogs that will need to be secured while enabling them to stay separate for their own safety.

A well-made commercial dog kennel should make dog care easier and protect the dogs enclosed inside. It is important to consider all the elements outlined above including durable materials, sturdy construction, proper accessibility for maintenance and cleaning, insulation and comfort against hot and cold weather, and adherence to codes and regulations. The future needs of the kennel should be considered so that it is valuable for a long time. Proper maintenance is also important to extend the life of the kennel.