Imagining the perfect sailing trip: The Cyclades Islands of Greece

Have you ever imagined sailing at sun-baked islands full with white villages surrounded by rocky parts that add up to the perfect landscape?  If so, then you are imagining the Cyclades Islands – the sailing destination in Greece that each sailor should try at least once.

Rent a boat Greece is a wonderful opportunity for visiting the  Cyclades, set at around 40 nautical miles island of east from the famous Poros. As perfect as the sailing at the Cyclades can be – you should definitely plan the route carefully and check out the wind prognosis, as a strong seasonal north wind can appear quite often during the summer months.

Once you planned the dates, renting a boat and planning the starting dock is the next logical step. Visiting will help you cut the search for the perfect boat in just few easy steps; and more importantly: for the best price available.

Exploring the islands at your own peace: Boat sailing from Kea to Ios

Set south-east from Athens, sailing the whole lot of the Cyclades islands can be pretty time-demanding. However, starting the initial island hop from the island of Poros – a 7 hour sailing will take you to Kea, the beautiful island  set at the most northwestern part of the group of islands. Visiting this island can be difficult during the weekends as it is pretty crowdy, especially the harbor which is overcrowded by Athenian yachts that use this harbor often. Still, any other day is just perfect for a getaway into an typical idyllic Greek setting.

The next hop of your boat trip should be the island of Kithnos – south of the Kea island. Tasting the famous local cheese here is one of the things you should definitely consider before going on to the Seriphos island. This island with a domed shape has a mighty bay which can be a perfect anchorage point before you go on visiting the well-known chora of the Island.

If you feel you need something more chilled out for a next stop – then Vathi is the right place for you. A favortie place for the experienced sailors, this village of Vathi is totally adorable and a perfect place for taking some postcard photographs you will long cherish.

The Milos island – an old volcano very similar to the popular Santorini is the next must-see while sailing in the Cyclades. The bay full of cliffs, hot springs that come from the volcano is a stop you will admire because of it’s history as well as the heartwarming landscapes all around. Exploring this one can be done qute easy, as the port of Adharas is an excellent location from where you can reach merely everything worth seeing on the island.

Finishing the boat trip around the Cyclades can be done by visiting the Ios island – the one where Homer died – according to some legends.

Finding sandy beaches full with natural shadows is an easy task at the Ios Island: the place is made for a full day of enjoyment while taking a perfect sunbath at the clearest Aegean waters.

Have an unforgettable Greek boat trip!