How To Tweak Your Web Design For A Strong Online Presence

A good website is a necessity to represent your business online. Its function is just like that of a brick and mortar store, only this is online.

In an effort to attract more visitors and create a strong web presence, most businesses create such a web design that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They forget how important other elements are in having a quality website that speaks for your business.

Here’s how website design Dubai based agency narrated the elements that need to be incorporated in order to better your website.

1.       Go responsive

Over 50% of users today are searching and making purchases via mobile devices. If your business website is not mobile-friendly, visitors will abandon within minutes as you can’t expect them to tweak the image to fit the screen themselves. Responsive web design has come as a life-saver in this matter. It stands as a standard architecture for all websites, regardless of the device they use. It will fit to the screen size of the current device in use.

2.       Keep content short and sweet

With the ever-decreasing attention spans, it is obligatory that the content on the website is short, precise and states relevance and completeness of the message. Just get to the point quickly so that the visitor knows what is your business, or your product/service, is all about. The faster you answer their questions, the better.

3.       Update regularly

Be it content or web design, it is best that you stay on the lookout for trends, updated facts and figures, latest news in the market and update them regularly. Logo design in Dubai is one of the top grossing businesses because sometimes businesses simply feel the need to change their logo as well. While it is highly advised not to change as sensitive an element such as a logo but if it is not serving the right purpose, get it changed immediately.

4.       Call to action

Incorporating call to action in a website is equally important. The stronger the CTAs, the better the conversions. For instance, for form submission, use ‘get discount updates’ rather than ‘submit’. You may also want to say ‘Shop Now!’ for making a purchase. Messages like these trigger the action aiding in increasing the conversion rate.

5.       Get layered landing pages

Anyone can drive customers to the homepage, but directing them to various landing pages is where most businesses fail. Various landing pages are required when there are so many products or services so it becomes a necessity to have the customer explore more. Putting them all on the homepage will be a total waste. In times like these, maintain categories for specific landing pages and have a search box that is very active and workable by all means.

Make the above mentioned changes in your website design and notice the difference via A/B testing. It will be a start of an online presence you have always dreamt for your business and there’s a long way to go. So begin today and experience it all!

Author Bio:

Talha Manzoor is a digital marketer who loves to write about advancements in technology and whatever that is favorable for the online brands he is looking after. He is currently associated with Dubai Web Design Agency, a leading online design studio in UAE. He tweets at @Talhamanzoor24.