How to present yourself at a job interview?

Before you even start a job hunt you must have obviously spent a lot of time on your resume and cover letter. That is probably the reason why you got an invitation for a premium graduate placement interview. Now, the second important step is to present yourself well and impress the interview panel.

Show him that you can meet his requirements –

The job description should be able to tell you about what the employer is looking for. The employer must have made it evident of the job duties and qualifications required for this job. You should be able to identify it and express it clearly so as to make him/her know that you have the needed skill set and prove it to him/her.

Research – Before you get ready for the interview, you also need to make a thorough study about the particular company; their mission, their scope, how they work their funding and so on. Go through their website properly.

What to carry – You can always carry with you some typed notes or anecdotes that you might have written down. But you definitely need to carry more copies of your resume and also any work samples you might have.

Common questions in an interview – All interviews have certain common questions for which you need to prepare yourself. For example – Why have you chosen our company, what do you expect from this job, tell us about yourself, tell us about your weaknesses and strengths, and so on.

Sometimes the interviewer might ask you very silly and trivial questions. You need to answer them with utmost patience. It just means that they want to get to know you well

Ask questions too – Going for an interview is quite an overwhelming experience. But you should be able to ask questions too. You need not be hesitant. In fact, this would show that you are interested and engaged. If during your research about the company you come up with some questions, you can always present them at the interview. You can also ask in more detail about the particular job and the activities and tasks it involves. You should finish with the important questions in this round of interview itself. If you are selected for the next round, it wouldn’t look nice if you come up with similar questions then. It would then bring doubt about your understanding.

Basics – The very basics like finding out the address and how to reach there – you need to figure out quite early in the game. The most important matter is to reach on time; in fact early. Being polite and yet professional is an absolute must. Also never make the mistake of leaving your phone on or not in silent mode. It is but natural to be nervous, but you should not let it affect you negatively. You need to give out a relaxed and confident front. And it’s never wrong to show your humorous side too if you have one.

By now, we hope that you are ready for your premium graduate placement interviews. Be relaxed, confident and not too casual. Answer every question to the best of your ability. All the Best!