Perfect Leather Fashion Look

How to Get the Perfect Leather Fashion Look

How to Get the Perfect Leather Fashion Look

Leather has been a fashion staple for so many years now, and it will continue to stay in trend for years to come. Gone are the days when people who wore leather were made to fit into certain stereotypes. Nowadays, adding a touch of leather to your outfit can give it a more bold and fashionable tone. 

Leather is timeless. However, you choose to style your leather; you will always look classy and stylish. One can hardly go wrong when wearing leather paired with other clothing and accessories. 

Here are five ways by which you can get a perfect fashion look with leather;

For a casual look

You can use leather a few ways to give your casual outfit a fashionable edge. A pair of leather pants with a basic white tee is an ensemble that looks effortlessly stylish. You can also decide to pair the pants with graphic t-shirts, band tees, and even vintage t-shirts. 

A leather scarf tied around your head or draped on your neck can also be a focal point. Paired with a long or short flowing gown, you will get that ‘I woke up like this’ look that everyone is trying to perfect these days.

Leather Fashion Look

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For a work outfit

Unlike in the past years, leather is now an acceptable piece of clothing in the workplace. However, the key to rocking these pieces without looking gaudy is to avoid overdoing it. This means forgoing the loud and bold combinations and opting for a subtle touch that will lift your outfit. 

A button-down shirt left untucked over a pair of black or tan coloured leather pants is a chic and professional outfit. You can also choose to wear a long-sleeved shirt tucked into a form-fitting leather skirt. A cute pair of pumps or stilettos is all you need to complete this sassy look.

For an outing 

At this point, you can let go of all restrictions and style your leather to your heart’s content. Depending on the nature of your outing, you can go all out for an extravagant look or take a more toned down and laid back approach. 

For instance, a little black dress or flirty summer dress paired with a leather jacket and a pair of women’s western boots are a perfect look for a date. For a night out, you can break out your ankle-length or over-the-knee leather boots.

For a picture-ready and trendy look

There are times when one feels like following or creating a whole new trend. For this type of look, you can pair leather pants with a leather jacket and a plain tee to soften the look a bit. 

You can also embrace all colours of leather; a blue, red, or white-coloured coat might be just the pop that your outfit needs to stand out. Jeans and leather can also be mixed to create a show-stopping masterpiece.

For a warm outfit

Leather is a beautiful piece for winter or spring as they provide a fair bit of insulation. A leather jacket worn over a sweater or hoodie is a cold weather-appropriate and stylish outfit. For those times when the temperature fluctuates at will, wearing a vest under a coat is a way of creating functional layers that can be taken off as the weather changes. You can also look luxurious with a pair of fur-lined leather jackets and sturdy leather boots.

Leather belts and hats can also be used to change up a look without effort. A leather belt wrapped around the waist over a knee-length gown or form-fitting jeans will have you receiving compliments all day.

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