How to Get Ready for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament

Before heading to and placing your bets, you should learn how to prepare for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive upcoming tournaments. And we have some tips for you to help you with this.

How Can I Watch the Matches?

Unlike other popular competitive games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a lot of tournaments that take place in United States, Asia or Europe, but mostly in the US and EU.

The matches can be accessed either by buying a ticket and going where the tournament is held or by accessing different streaming sites. There is even an in-game streaming interface, and by using that, you can view the match from the player’s perspective in real-time.Image result for How to Get Ready for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament

During that time, players can get a random drop in-game which is a box that can contain a weapon skin with stickers from the tournament. In-game skins can be cheap or expensive (depending on the weapon and the look of the skin), but they can double in price if they’re dropped from a prestigious tournament. Famous skins can go up to thousands of dollars so keep an eye on those drops.

Upcoming Counter-Strike GO tournaments

  • If you are a fan of Counter-Strike GO and an Esports fanatic, you can’t miss the ESL ONE tournaments. They are the biggest Counter-Strike GO events and are packed with big prizes and unforgettable moments. All teams and pro players gather there for a showoff in skill, accuracy, team calls and tactics. After all, Counter-Strike GO is a tactical shooter, and it requires years and years of practice to get to a pro level.

ESL ONE will be held this year between the 7th and 9th of July in Cologne, Germany. We know for sure that the prize pool will be bigger than the last year’s final prize, so there will be plenty of reasons to have one of the greatest tournaments this year.

  • Another event to look out for is the Intel Challenge Katowice (if the brand name Intel doesn’t tell you everything, nothing will).
  • The World Electronic Sports Game is another tournament you should be keeping your eyes on, mostly because of its 1.5 million dollars prize pool.
  • And the last major tournament that you should watch is a series. Of course, we are talking about the Dreamhack series. Don’t miss it because it takes place worldwide and next time the tournament can happen in your town.

Betting on the Right Team

When it comes to Esports betting, it’s not important on which team you place your bets. The most crucial thing is for you to win no matter what. In order to achieve that, you can do a little research on Fanatic, Virtus.Pro or even Astralis and with a bit of math, you can get an idea of what team has the biggest chances of winning.

So prepare yourself for the most prominent Counter-Strike GO tournaments that this year has to offer. Or, if you’re a fan of DOTA 2, you can go for this game’s events. You can find them all on this site: