How to Enhance Your Wedding Send-Off

Sometimes couples struggle with whether or not they will do a wedding send-off; when all of your guests gather to say goodbye to you and you leave in the car that has ‘Just Married’ painted on it with trails of cans following behind, just like in the movies. Of course, it doesn’t need to get so cliché (unless you want it to) and there are some great ways to enhance your wedding send off.

Ribbons or Streamers

Perfect for a spring or summer wedding that takes place in the daytime, providing your guests with ribbons or streamers will make for a colorful send-off that captures the feel of the warm, sunny day. The reason this is perfect for a daytime send-off is because you will get photos of the true colors of the ribbon or streamers.Image result for How to Enhance Your Wedding Send-Off


If you prefer to do the send-off once the sun has set, consider doing a wedding sparkler send-off. Provide your guests with wedding sparklers that will all be lit at the same time, and you and your partner can leave through the arc of light they provide. Make sure to check with your venue first to see if they allow open flame outdoors, and also make sure to buy long enough sparklers to avoid getting burned. Most experts agree that 36 inch wedding sparklers are the best choice for send-offs because your guests can get the sparks really high into the air.

Leaving by Carriage

For the fairytale wedding send off, consider renting a horse and carriage to pick you up at the end of your reception. You can incorporate another send off for your guests to participate in as well, such as the sparkler send off, or maybe throwing flower petals or confetti as you make your fairytale exit.

The New Orleans Send Off

Popular in the south but can be incorporated everywhere, a band will play “When the Saints Go Marching In”, leading everyone outside. The guests should bring their white napkins with them and wave them as the bride and groom leave through the guests singing and stomping. If you want to bring this southern tradition to your wedding, be sure your guests know what to do when the time comes!

Having a proper send-off after your reception is over can be a great way to cap off your evening. There are many great ways to do it, and the ideas above are just a few of the more unique ideas that I’ve encountered over time. Just make sure you consider how the guests will enjoy the send-off in addition to yourselves and it is sure to enhance the experience of everyone at your wedding!