How to create an illusion of magic at your office

If you are a business owner or a senior manager, you should always look to create a feeling of mystery and magic at the office. Staff like to be made to feel like they are in the middle of something special and it is up to you to make it happen. Be tireless in your quest to keep the office fun but also to keep your staff on their toes. It is something that can be done quite easily, it just needs a bit of thought and a willingness to make an effort. Never take the position that your staff works for you and that they will do what they are told to do. Inspire them. Here are a few simple tips to help.

Keep it tidy

Make sure that the office is always kept clean and tidy. A tidy office is a more relaxed and comfortable place to work and if they are in a tidy space they will be more inclined to keep it that way. But don’t have the cleaners come in during work hours, rather identify an outfit who offers after hour services, preferably a company that is locally based, and which employs local people. Search online for something like ‘commercial cleaning companies north Brisbane’, or wherever it is that you are based, to find an appropriate solution. The result is magic, every morning when the staff arrives at the office it is cleaned and manicured. It sends the message that things are happening even when they are not there – it is a great message to send.

Surprise them

Look to do nice things for your staff, that they won’t expect. Random acts of kindness. You might not be in a position to pay top rates or big bonuses, but chocolate on the desk, a spontaneous thank you card or sponsored after work drinks are always appreciated. It is the little acts of kindness and appreciation that are valued. Or, if you want something different just hire a magician to stroll through the office and perform some tricks. It’s exciting and fun and will have the staff talking for days.


After hour actions

From time-to-time, it is a good idea to stop past the office at night. There might not be anybody there, but you might also be surprised. If there are staff working late at night and you are there to see it, it will be wildly appreciated. If you are able to pitch in for an hour to help them with what they are doing it will be even more treasured. These are important interactions and being at the office late at night (not often, but occasionally), will give you a good perspective once the hustle and craziness of the working day have gone. Maybe use the opportunity to send an email or two. Not an angry mail, just a mail that acknowledges that you have been in the office and seen things. It will keep office staff on their toes and make them want to be in the office after hours as well.