How to Create an Everlasting Spring in Your Own Home with Preserved Roses

“When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest.” (Hemmingway, 1964)

Unequivocally the most important season of the year, life begins! We all know spring’s routine for nature though do we stop for a minute and bask in its beauty and really absorb the winsomeness the blossoms provide. A banquet or feast if you like, of color and the new innocence of life.

The sun comes out, driving that cold, unwelcome and suppressing atmosphere that winter inevitably brings. We make plans and dream bigger, using spring as the ultimate springboard for inspiration.

Experience spring’s lush and joy all year

Why deny yourself of spring’s magical lushness all year? Now, thanks to science, a vast selection of roses can be preserved and enjoyed throughout the year. These blooms brighten up their surrounding space and one can even smell the glorious season in the air.

We all know cut flowers only last a short while and are not always fresh when they arrive. Roses are no different. However, preserved roses, whether a bouquet or a solitary rose, stay fresh and create the lull of spring all through the year.

Preserved Roses

Preserved roses or the art of preserving roses is quite remarkable and certainly becoming increasingly popular. Only fully-bloomed roses of the highest quality get picked. Then skilled experts meticulously dry-freeze each petal, stalk and leaf individually. Next, precision floral makeover restores the flowers’ original pulsating colors.

These preserved roses will continue to look vibrant, long after spring has been and gone, all the way through to the following spring. Right in time to awaken our senses once more of the delights of spring and enjoy the warmer coming months.

Both Rosephoria’s Rose in a Dome and Velvet Black range are hand selected and ethically sourced from the best farmers to ensure that you have an everlasting experience. They are wonderful gifts made to suit all areas of the home.

Introduce Blue Skies in the Bathroom

The bathroom isn’t often somewhere you might think to decorate with flowers, not least roses, alas, it might add that little touch that has been missing to make it feel complete.

Perhaps a cool blue preserved rose might just work a treat.

Bring spring to the Kitchen

A particularly versatile color that works everywhere. Place them in the kitchen to lighten and fill the air with that wonderful ever familiar aroma.

Another great way to get the most out these everlasting roses is to pair them with other colors, complimenting the living space for many months to come.

This allows you to spend more time perfecting rest of the house.

The Round Box

The round box of 24 roses is an elegant addition to any living space. It works perfectly in the middle of the room on the coffee table or maybe you know someone with just the right space in their home for this sophisticated gift.

The Beauty and the Beast

The beauty and the beast dome is possibly the most enchanting of the lot. Inspired by the movie itself, it is a single preserved rose in a glass dome thoughtfully decorated with fairy lights, making it a magnificent decorative piece of the highest quality.

Whichever rose or roses you choose, they will without a doubt brighten up the space around them as if it is spring.

Each of these roses comes delicately packaged in their own luxury box which in itself is a decorative item.

Everlasting roses signify everlasting joy and color, inspiring and enrichening the days ahead.