How can you differentiate CBD from medical marijuana according to their impacts?

There are many patients who believe that CBD has got medicinal and therapeutic benefits among all the other cannabis compounds. But majority don’t realize that there are 2 different versions of the same product in the market. If you take into account the noise throughout the US presently regarding the popularity of CBD, you will know how important it has became due to its non-psychoactive property. This is one of the key non-psychoactive chemicals found in the plant called cannabis and it forms the best treatment options for conditions like chronic pain and epilepsy.

However, despite all the differences, you have to understand that CBD is derived from 2 different things, one from hemp and the other from marijuana which is called medical marijuana. So, before you get intrigued by CBD oil and book your file from, here’s what you should know about the difference between the two.

What is CBD?

Before you try to understand the differences, you have to first know what CBD is. It is one among the 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plant. There have been too many reports released on the medicinal properties of medical marijuana and with time it started gaining enough traction as people began to see how CBD could reduce different sorts of illnesses without imparting any ‘high’ feeling. There are many states which have passed the strong rules on CBD as a way of helping the sick children. However, the federal government still thinks that it is a drug that is not worth being called legal. Nevertheless, cannabis products are easily found in the shelves of stores.

It is the difference between CBD that is derived from hemp and from marijuana which sets them apart. Marijuana is a plant which is harvested due to its buds which comprise of the psychoactive features which are responsible for creating the ‘high’ effects. On the contrary, as long as hemp is concerned, the seeds and stalks are the main targets of this plant. This plant doesn’t contain THC and due to this, they don’t have any psychoactive property in them.

Though hemp oil and CBD oil have low level of THC, the difference in the level of CBD which are contained in the products is rather huge. Hemp oil has got traces of CBD (4%) while CBD oil can contain CBD of up to 20%. Due to the higher concentration, CBD is considered as beneficial for treating different health disorders.

Therefore, if you’re still confused about whether to use CBD oil or medical marijuana, you should certainly consider the former due to the above discussed reasons. They don’t lead to a ‘high’ feeling and hence can be used on anyone.