Housing Option in Qatar

Having any plans to live or work in Qatar? Yes, you read it right. It’s a dream for anyone to just put a step in Qatar.

Everyone at a deep corner of your mind might be having a wish to live in Qatar but might set back because of accommodation options. This blog will help you to find the right house or apartments in Doha Qatar for rent as per your convenience.

Firstly let us cover all the possible option for temporary settling in Qatar,

  1. Compounds

They are generally multiple close houses in an area that have luxuries like swimming pool, a gym or a tennis court. This will be a costly option but however worth a money. This is undoubtedly the most known type of accommodation in Qatar. However, fancy things are the one which is sold first as they are eye-catching, similarly its hard a get one for you. They have a long waiting list.

  1. Serviced apartments

Another comes is serviced apartments. They are also commonly known preference for housing or accommodations. They are fully furnished and also has house services like maid or maintenance services. They are nothing less than compounds, they also come with gym and swimming pool. It’s parallel to staying in hotels. If you are ready to pay more than regular apartments, then this is the optimum option to opt for.

  1. Regular apartments

If you are job seeker or have a low budget for a room for rent in Doha Qatar to settle then this is the best option. They also have different varieties from studio apartments to penthouse apartments.

It’s not all. There are also well know residential areas. It’s important to know this if you are planning to shift in Qatar.

  1. Al Waab

This is one of the most known areas among other numerous expats with families as it is near to the Villaggio Mall and Aspire Park.  If you have children than its preferable to stay in this as there are many schools and nurseries around the area.

The Al Waab City development is still under progress of his construction but once done with its construction, it is predicted to be a city within a city and can accommodate up to 8000 people in over 2000 houses, ranging from luxury villas to regular apartments.

  1. Al Sadd, Al Nasr, Bin Mahmoud and Bin Omran

Al Sadd is a busy commercial area that is probably more convenient for the single people or young couples having no children. The area is surrounded by a wide array of cafes, shops, malls and other local businesses. The only limitation to living in this area is that it is packed with busy traffic and congested parking spaces.

  1. West Bay

This is the most active area. The West Bay Lagoon is not limited by variability when it comes to lifestyle opportunities. Everything starting from comfort big villas to high rise apartment’s accommodation, the West Bay is supported with top five-star hotels similar to the Ritz Carlton, Grand Hyatt, The Hilton and the Four Seasons.

  1. The Pearl

One of the most famous locations in Doha- The Pearl. The Pearl is strategically located where there are happening activities surrounding its tourist attractions. There are many big known shops with top brands as well as a wide selection of fine dining option restaurants

Prices of residential units here are definitely slightly on the higher side of the edge and the lifestyle is suitable for single people or couples.

  1. Najma, Mansoura, Old Airport, Hilal, and Thumama

You will normally find flats or apartments in Najma and Mansoura, mostly at reasonable prices. There are movements of Expats in this area. They move in and out for quite often, so it should be easier to find a place as per your conveniences. But this area is very busy in terms of traffics and lack of parking spaces between the crowded flats.