Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore

Jobs – Permanent, Temporary, Contract, Full-Time or Part-Time. Everyone needs a job, regardless of its job types. Anyone can take up any kind of jobs, so long that the job can provide them with a stable income or financial benefits to sustain their lifestyles. But of course we want to get the best highest paid unskilled jobs. They can be holding on to a full-time or permanent job. Students can also work as temporary workers during their vacation periods. Nowadays, freelancing jobs are also in the trend, as people’s lifestyles change over the years and they desire freedom to work anytime or anywhere.

Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore. Singapore’s employment market is not an easy competition race to be participated in for all people residing in Singapore. The standard of living in Singapore is high, hence people expect their income levels to be as high as possible so that they can sustain their lifestyles. Here are some of the highest paying jobs in Singapore that may be listed in the market benchmark:

  • In the Accounting sector, there are several job titles that are listed in the top-ranking list as the highest paying jobs in Singapore, namely the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Finance Director, Financial Controller or even Senior Treasury Manager. The highest paying jobs in the Accounting sector can draw up to almost S$30,000 monthly.
  • As for the Banking and Finance sector, several job titles like Regional Director (Ops), Head of Compliance, Vice President (Risk) or Vice President (Trading) candraw up to almost S$30,000 monthly as well.
  • Being a part of the Engineering sector, people aspire to be Project Managers in Singapore, as Project Managers’ monthly salary package can reach up to at least S$15,000.
  • People in the Human Resources industry are blessed, especially when they are in the high management position, they can expect to draw an S$18,000 monthly salary range.
  • As for law and regulation sector, being a Legal Counsel can aspire to negotiate their monthly salary to up to S$27,000.
  • The technology sector is the up-and-coming industry nowadays, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) can target their monthly salary to hit at least S$21,000 and even IT managers can aim to negotiate their monthly salary as S$12,000.

Overall, the highest paying jobs can be very enticing to all people. However, the higher their salary package, the higher the expectations from other people, especially their employees, the bigger their responsibilities will be as well, resulting in the increase in stress level that they will need to bear and overcome, the lesser amount of time that they may spend on their families or hobbies. To obtain such high paying jobs, many years of experience are required to be accumulated over the years as well. The above list which shows the highest paying jobs in Singapore is based on the statistics from the data collation which Singapore Government has collected. This benchmark should be referred to as a guide to where people stand in the market, to understand if they are underpaid or have been well-paid by the companies.