How Hidden Earbuds Can Help You In Tests?

Cheating in exam is a very common thing among the students. There are also a number of students who does not require the help of any other method to score good in exam. But not all the students are that much studious or intelligent. This is why the process of cheating in exam is running since years. The people of previous generations used a number of methods to cheat on exam. Till now those methods are used sometimes. But now with the new gadgets or devices the process of cheating has been developed alot. These devices are not manufactured to use in exams but you people can use those device for cheating in exams. Today this article is all about the cheating process. This article will provide you a number of ideas on how to cheat on tests? This article will provide the idea of new methods and this article will also discuss about the old methods. Following are the methods discussed.

Old methods to cheat on test

Making paper notes– making paper notes is the most common and most old method among all the methods of cheating. This method is still in use. But this is a very risky process to cheat on exam.

Writing on hands– this is also a very old method. Most of you people may have tried this method in your study life. But this method may also be risky because you may not hide your hands that much when you are writing.

Writing in bottle label – this is not also one of the old methods that you people are very known with. In most of the exam centres bottles are allowed to be taken in. You can easily write behind the bottle label to cheat on exam.

These were the old methods with which you people are very known. These methods are that much common that most of you people have tried these methods once in life at least. Now it is time to discuss the new methods of cheating on exams.

Hidden Earbuds  – New methods of cheating in exam

Sms method– this is not a very new method but this method does not belong to the category of old methods. In this method you will require a help of a friend who will send you the answers.

Google search– this is one of the most common methods among the new methods of cheating. If you have internet connection and you can manage to hide your mobile then you can easily cheat on exams. You will get the answers from google search results.

Taking the help of ear buds – this ear bud is not a very common ear bud. This ear buds are controlled through bluetooth. You can connect them with you phone and the mp3 players also. These are hidden earbuds. You can plug in the ear bud and no one will get to know that you have plugged in a device because of the tiny size of the device. You may get the ear buds in nude colour also so that no one can distinguish the ear buds from your skin.