Here’s How You Can Buy Phenibut In Bulk!

Phenibut is one of the many nootropics in the market, with origins in Russia. In countries like Russia, Ukraine and Latvia, Phenibut is prescribed for anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and mood-related disorders. If used as recommended, the drug can help in balancing the mood. So, what’s Phenibut exactly? Where can you buy it? Below are some of the answers!

What’s Phenibut?

As mentioned, Phenibut is a nootropic, which is a modified version of GABA. GABA is one of the essential neurotransmitters in the brain, and it is released when there is an increase neuronal activity. GABA protects the neurons from bring over-stimulated, and thereby, controlling anxiety. If you compare GABA and Phenibut, both have the same chemical structure, except that Phenibut has an extra Phenyl ring. This enables the drug to cross the blood-brain barrier and work on the neurons in the same way as GABA. In Russia, prescribing Phenibut is not uncommon for conditions like social anxiety, depression, and general anxiety disorder. It can be also prescribed for insomnia or some of the other sleep-related disorders, which is also a reason why the drug is often taken at night.

Buying Phenibut

It should be noted that Phenibut is not approved for the treatment of anxiety in the US by the FDA. However, one can purchase the drug legally in form of dietary supplement without any prescription. As for the costs, Phenibut is definitely cheaper than some of the other nootropics available today, with the powdered form being more economical. If you want to buy this drug in bulk, you can check for websites like Nootriment. However, keep in mind that all products sold on different portals are not always safe or genuine, and it is better to some initial research. If you get Phenibut as a dietary supplement, you don’t have to worry about legal consequences, as long as the source is authentic. A better idea is to check for reviews online, which helps in comparing sellers and products.

With Phenibut, you have to be careful about two important things. Firstly, start on a lower dose, not exceeding 250 mg per day, although some users do take around 1500 mg. Secondly, do not use Phenibut for a longer period, because your body can develop tolerance to the drug, which can further cause withdrawal symptoms. There are many forums, where you can find more details related to this nootropic, so do your homework.