Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to pets, as people think that they only carry lots of bacteria and everything about them is bad for our health. However, when it comes to owning a pet, or more specifically a dog, according to the veterinarians from Gordon Vet Hospital as well as some other professional sources, there are quite a lot of benefits that can improve your life.

Dogs will keep you in shape

If you happen to know someone who is a dog owner, they at least once mentioned how they have to take their dog for a walk, or how they did something while walking their dog, especially if they live in a flat. Whenever you play with your dog, whether you make him chase a stick or some other type of game that your dog enjoys, you will definitely have to move around as well.

Your dog will make sure that you are always in shape

In case you are someone that lives in an apartment, you will definitely have to take your dog outside a couple of times a day; even if you can just take him outside in front of the building, it is a better idea to walk him around the neighborhood instead.

Lose weight while walking the dog

Of course, when you take your dog for a walk, you don’t necessarily have to walk as you can also go for a jog, which will make this experience even healthier, especially in a long run as the studies show that you can lose up to 20 kg in a year from just exercising with your dog while taking him for a walk or playing around with him in your yard.

Dog owners have better hearts

According to the studies, people that happen to be dog owners, have a lot stronger and better hearts. Owning a dog seems to lower one’s chances to get a heart attack, and especially in males, it lowers the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and a couple of other factors that are known to be the main villains behind heart attacks.

Specialists at best animal healthcare practice in Turramurra vet like Gordon Vet Hospital and other research centers have proven this theory a couple of times, and having a canine companion is definitely something you should do for yourself if you happen to suffer from heart issues.

Dogs make great companions for all ages

Lowers depression and stress rates

Today in the modern world, everything is moving very fast, and things can get extremely stressful. Studies once again show that if you happen to own a dog, that it will lower your stress levels as you cuddle or play with it.

When it comes to depression, the studies show that no matter what age you are, owning a dog will always cheer you up and it will help you fight anxiety as your dog will give you a purpose in life. Whenever you are feeling sad, your dog will always try to cheer you up and get you in the good mood by poking you and giving you the attention that you need.

Allergy prevention

Back in the old days, people believed that owning a dog is usually a bad thing as they will increase the allergies in kids. However, the newest studies show that owning a dog will help your children become resistant to allergies by up to thirty-three percent.

Final Word

Even if there are many misconceptions about owning pets, having them will definitely not only improve your social life, but they will also improve your health in one way or another. If you don’t happen to own a dog yet, go adopt one, what are you waiting for?