Healing Resentments Improving Sobriety in Columbia

Drug Rehab Columbia knows first hand that there are many negative feelings and emotions that can be held onto by a person.  One of these types of feelings that tends to get held on to fiercely is resentment.  Resentment can come about from several different ways, whether it be conflicts, disrespect, broken promises, or something else.  Many times, resentment tends to be built out of years of these types of situations happening, though it can come from a single severe incident as well.  While sometimes it may feel almost like a victory or satisfaction to hold on to this resentment for another person, the reality is that many times this does nothing but harm you and make things more difficult.  The feeling can continue to grow the longer it is held on to, and it becomes something an individual continually stews in. Holding onto some of these feelings can be exhausting, and is almost a job in itself.  Letting go of these resentments can be one of the most powerful and beneficial things a person can do for their sobriety.  Recovering addicts in Columbia, Illinois are learning how valuable healing their resentments is in improving their sobriety.  Image result for Healing Resentments Improving Sobriety in Columbia

One consideration of those with resentments is that they do not want to forgive the person because they feel that this approves of or condones what they did.  While this can be a concern, it is important to be aware of the fact that forgiving them is not identical with approving of their behavior.  Forgiving the person and letting go of the resentment is for you, not for them.  It allows you to let go of the painful feelings and emotions connected with it, so you can move on and be happier.  With less attention focused on these things, you can focus more on positive aspects in your life, which contributes to your sobriety and enjoying your life.  

How to Heal From Resentment

Mark Sichel, L.C.S.W., author of “Healing from Family Rifts,” states in an article on Psychology Today, “Letting go of your resentments, whether it leads to healing the rift, or to wholeness and peace within yourself, or both, is integral to not letting your past interfere with your present.”  He goes on to list steps he created for healing resentment titled “The 10 Steps to Letting Go of Resentment.”  Following these could help to guide you down the path of finally healing your resentments, and moving past them.  

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