A Guide to Rhinoplasty According to Dean Toriumi MD

A lot of people have had a nose job. In fact, next to breast augmentation, it is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures. Dean Toriumi MD specializes in rhinoplasty, which is the type of surgery that helps to change the way the nose looks, or to ameliorate any functional issues with the nose itself. For instance, people may have difficulty breathing through their nose due to deformities or past trauma, which can be resolved through rhinoplasty. Surgeons like Dean Toriumi are plastic surgeons, although some are otolaryngologists. These are surgeons that focus on the head and neck. When rhinoplasty is cosmetic rather than a medical necessity, the procedure will usually be performed by a plastic surgeon rather than an otolaryngologist. It is also quite common for the procedure to be completed together with other cosmetic enhancements.

Understanding Rhinoplasty According to Dean Toriumi MD

The before and after results that can be expected from rhinoplasty vary greatly. When it is performed for aesthetic reasons, it is often possible to use a computerized program that shows what the nose looks like now, and what it will look like after. When done for medical reasons, however, there will often be far less visible change on the other side.

There are also classifications with the standard “nose job”, which is done purely for cosmetic reasons. The results they can expect vary depending on what they want to do. Changes can be made to the length or width of the nose, humps and bumps can be shaved off, tips can be reduced, noses can be fully reconstructed, and more. Then, there is so-called “revision rhinoplasty”, which is done when someone isn’t happy with their original surgery.

Rhinoplasty isn’t free. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of the procedure if it is deemed to be medically necessary, including after serious trauma. However, usually, people pay for it themselves. The cost varies greatly depending on where you have the procedure completed, how much work needs doing, and who will perform the procedure. In fact, the cost can vary from around $3,000 to as much as $15,000. This is why research is very important. That said, the most expensive procedures are usually performed by the most experienced surgeons, so you do get what you pay for.

A lot of people still think that only women have nose jobs completed. However, male rhinoplasty is becoming increasingly popular as it is becoming more acceptable for men to care about their experience. Just as there has been an increase in men wanting to have Botox done on their face, rhinoplasty is also becoming more popular.

Last but not least, even cosmetic rhinoplasty has its limitations. Someone with an afro-Caribbean nose, for instance, may physically be able to have a Caucasian nose created, but most surgeons will not recommend this. This is because the result will not be natural at all, and people will look fake and “plastic” as a result.