Gospel for Asia on the Mission of Spreading Jesus’ Love

Everyone is not born with family and luxury. Everyone does not have the ability to turn their dream into a reality. Some don’t even have the chance of having proper meals every day. This is a struggle for many who are living in the rural areas of Asian villages. There are millions of people who are living in below poverty level. They don’t have the right items to make a decent living. They even have the required food twice a day. These are people who NGO’s work for. However, in Asia there is only a few organizations which make the effort of helping people like these. Gospel for Asia is an organization which works with people like these and help them recover from the life they are living.

KP Yohannan is the founder of this Christian organization. The focus of the NGO is Asia and the rural areas of the Asian countries. In their mission to offer a better life to people who are deprived, the missionaries of Gospel for Asia have created a large and competent team. The organization only hires national missionaries. KP Yohannan understands that language barrier causes various problems. To get close to the people who are suffering you need to speak their language. You need to understand what they are going through. You need to know what would lessen their pain. Without this ability there is no point in working for the deprived class.Image result for Gospel for Asia on the Mission of Spreading Jesus’ Love

Keeping this view in mind KP Yohannan has trained national people to spread the message of the God and help them understand that hope is always there. It is not only word of God they spread. They also offer aid to the deprived class. They offer education and treatment to those who don’t have the opportunity of getting them due to lack of money.

Now, there is another problem KP Yohannan has focused on. This is child labor. Though this against law, there are areas where child labor is still active. Children under the age of eighteen work for various places. They do it for money. Some of them are assigned to work in the manufacturing areas or other risky areas. This creates ill health for the children. Also, such lifestyle stops the process of progress. What makes things even more complicated is the unwillingness of the parents of these children to send them anywhere else. These children should be in school getting education and not working for someone organization earning money.

Gospel for Asia has taken it upon them to educate these children so that they don’t have to put their labor for money like this. They understand that many lose their talent due to such lifestyle. KP Yohannan has focused his attention towards this problem. He has helped a lot of children find their calling by spreading Jesus’ love and His message.

Also, Gospel for Asia offers amenities that are required to make a living. By providing education and aid this organization has helped creating a shelter which make these people feel safe.