Get to Know the Benefits of Drinking Craft Beer

Last few years, craft beer has been making huge waves in Booze Ocean but there are many real benefits of drinking it. You may have no idea about craft beer making. Craft beer is specialty beer, which is made in small quantities at craft brewery. Craft breweries are small and independent, which is run by solo brewers themselves in a traditional way. Craft breweries are slowly dominating the night-life scene. You can participate in one of the craft beer tours London packages to understand the benefits of craft beer in detail.

Benefits of drinking craft beer

Tastes better

Tastes better in comparison to mass produced and marketed beer water. Craft brewers focus on the beers taste quality instead of marketing and stock prices. Amazing ingredients like hops, barley, and water are added to their beer brew without cutting any corners. Alternatively, big beers are made from rice and taste skunky, when it gets warm. Craft beer tastes delicious at any temperature.

More alcohol

Craft beers are available in different size and shape but the punch is same in all. Majority of craft beers include 5% to 10% abv or alcohol by volume, whereas a few reaches 20% to 40% abv in comparison to large beer companies having 2.5% abv.

Health benefits

Craft beer has soluble fibers, B vitamin, antioxidants, phosphorus, folate, selenium, and niacin. In addition, it is rich in silicon, which helps fight osteoporosis.

Bathroom trips

To get same effect of craft beer, you need to drink more of beer with 2.5% abv, which is very weak and watery. This makes you visit bathroom every 15 minutes but craft beer has more abv and less water, so fewer bathroom trip, especially at night.

Less expensive

Drinking session cost of craft beer is much lower than watery beer because you will need to drink more of these to gain the same effect as the former.

Few calories

Craft beer has more calories but as you will be drinking less per session as they are strong and taste better. You will drink it slowly rather than gulping it and thus consumption of calories will be low.