Get Familiar with the Danger of Social Smoking

Smoking is one of the major issues all over the world. A lot of smokers struggle hard to stop smoking and eventually fail to do so. This habit can cost the life of an individual if it becomes a habit. During social gatherings and festivals, some people smoke one or two cigarettes to give a company to their friends. They are unaware of the fact that they are still at the same risks as that of regular smokers. According to the survey, three types of smokers are around you:

Low-level smokers- This type of smokers smoke cigarettes once in a week or so. They also smoke if they become a part of any social gathering.

Binge smokers- Such smokers smoke a lot during one time in a week. For an instance; during weekends.

Social smokers- This type of smokers smoke when they are a part of social gatherings such as parties.

It has also been noticed that social smokers think that they do not get any bad effects of smoking because they are not smoking any other time than social gatherings. However, the study shows that the smokers of any kind have same effects on their bodies. If you want to stay healthy throughout your life, you must not smoke at all.

Risks with social smoking

People who smoke between one and four cigarettes on a daily basis will increase the chances of cardiovascular disorders by three times. With this, we can conclude that social smoking will have equal effects on human being as that of regular smoking. There is nothing called ‘safe smoking’. Even if you are smoking at any time of your daily routine, you are risking your life for various heart diseases and even lung cancer. The health risks for social smokers are dangerous and serious.