Five Tips on How to Wear Pink Pearls

Pink pearls are quite rare and are a feminine colour. It can be matched with a number of different colours of dresses.

If you want to match your pink pearl necklace or stud earrings with the bridesmaid dresses then following tips can be ideal to consider.

Choose right pink shade that can best compliment with your skin tone

Usually white pearls are mostly preferred by women with fair complexion so some alternative colours like pink are becoming popular.

Not all have perfect complexion, hence rose or peach toned pearls can suit darker skin tones too. Prefer the colour that suits you the best as a bracelet or pendant necklace for you.

Try to match it with nail polish colour

It is popular style to match pink pearls with rose-toned nail polish. In case, the pearl texture is not too shiny then the nail polish can match with the pink pearls. So, for timeless beauty, you must try a matching coloured tone for nails.

Go for any sets of right matching colour

Prefer a set with pink pearls to make the unusual and delicate colour of your pearls look special. You may also choose a matching ring with pink pearl or make the pink toned pearl ring more intense than rest of the set.

A pink pearl ring may be just right that makes your dress feminine, but bold.

Try wearing contrast coloured dress

Normally, pink pearls are preferred for bare skin. For longer necklaces, women prefer wearing pink pearls with white outfits or matching pastel.

This trend is mostly a bridesmaids’ fashion, but in case of non-wedding occasions, a bolder contrast will be welcome. So, wear your pink pearls with any dark coloured dress.

Select pearly eye shadow to match

While wearing pink pearls this make-up tip you must follow – pearly eyeshadow plus dark eyeliner can be a heavenly combination. Find creamy shade which matches with your pink pearls.

For your lips, select any lipstick with a stronger shade, as the same pale kind of pearly pink can make your total look little too faded.