Find out the way of Taking Snapshot out of Video on Mac

Elmedia Player PRO provides unique and great way to capture pictures from video on Mac. Pictures taken from this can be applied as wallpaper, and can be inserted into your project or presentation. The picture capturing method of this is very simple and contains few easy steps.

Elmedia player PRO of video on Mac helps you to take snapshot from YouTube and many other Video hub websites. Here are few steps to be followed to take snapshot from the video on Mac with the help of Elmedia player PRO.


  • First, download the Elmedia Player, install and later open free Elmedia player.
  • Upgrade it to PRO version.
  • Attain player license and then feed activation code into free version.
  • Open your preferences in capture tabs just to designate the particular folder for screenshot.
  • Click on start movies.
  • Now, click on playback which will be placed on top of the screen tool bar to take snapshot of video on MAC.
  • Whenever you hit playback button snapshot will be taken.
  • Snapshot will be saved in .tiff format.
  • Elmedia player PRO can take en numbers of snapshot so that it can transform entire movie into bunches of image.
  • Click playback from the tool bar. In the main menu you can notice option called Record a series of screenshot. In this screenshot will be taken and recorded one after the other and you can stop by clicking this again when it is ready.

Screenshot can be taken from YouTube videos on Mac by taking Elmedia player PRO’s help. Below are steps to snapshot YouTube videos.

  • Download, install the Elmedia player.
  • Open Free Elmedia player.
  • Revamp it to PRO version.
  • Get license and enter the activation code into free version.
  • Click on file which will be on top of the screen. From the main menu click on open online video.
  • Place the link into the app.
  • Video resolution can also be chose optionally.
  • To start the video click on open.
  • Right click on screen you will find an option from the menu to take screen shot and to create a series of snapshots.

This shows that Elmedia player PRO can take picture from video on Mac and projects that this is one of the best ways of taking snapshot. Now, enjoy watching your favorite movies with lots of modified options.