Explore the City of Nizams in a Self-Drive Car

Hyderabad is the city of royals, spellbinding, charming and full of surprises. Hyderabad,under the Nizams, held a special place as the wealthiest and the largest princely state,and today, its erstwhile glory is still apparent in its culture. Hyderabad is steeped in history, has throngs of people and is buzzing with technology and business. Considered as one of the most evocative ancient places, in Hyderabad you are likely to encounter a swarming mix of color, splendor and modern influences.

To get a good glimpse, one has to spend a few days in the city roaming the streets and savoring both the sights and its delectable royal cuisine. Perhaps the best way to do this would be to get a self-drive car that would provide the flexibility to plan one’s day without any restrictions or deadlines. A self-drive car is a great choice because there is no need to rely on an external driver and this way there is complete control on one’s itinerary. There are a few service providers for car rental in India like Zoomcar,which offer seamless service and getting a car on rent in Hyderabad will be a breeze.  Getting a self-drive car will be a big boon and you can well be on your way to get a slice of the action in the city of Nizams.

Head to the Charminar, the most important landmark in the city to get a view of its royal splendor; amble along its many lanes filled with all kinds of shops, stop at a chai stall, indulge in buying some pearls, jewelry and intricately designed bangles that this city is so famous for. Looming over the older city is Islamic India’s magnificent architecture and is a total visual delight. The Chomakalla Palace located close to Charminar is an exquisite palace with intricate designs that truly reflects the Nawabi charm.  A must visit of course in the same vicinity of the Charminar is the Nizam’s museum. A royal museum located in the heart of Purani Haveli houses the memorabilia and the artefacts used by the then Nizams and their families. There are other beautiful mosques like the Mecca and the Begumpet masjid that are worth a visit as well. The Salar Jung Museum is one of the three national museums in the country and is a storehouse of sculptures, carvings, paintings, manuscripts and so much more. A must not miss destination is the Golkonda fort whose ruins stand to display the glory of the city’s rich past.

The Hyderabadi cuisine is lip smacking distinctive and absolutely delicious. You cannot leave this city without indulging your taste buds with the Biryanis, kababs, its famous sweets and other delicacies. A truly royal city, Hyderabad will surely leave you asking for more.