The Exciting Journey of Bingo!

As we all know it today, Bingo was developed in the 1920s in the United States. Earlier it was played in the form of lottery game in Italy known as Lotto in Europe. The themed Bingo cards of Europe often had striking illustrations.

Bingo has started as a form of lottery in Italy around 1530. Then the game had spread to other nations in the next couple of centuries. When it reached France, playing cards, tokens and the number calling system were introduced. The modern bingo surfaced out of the U.S in the 1920s and a rule book was printed subsequently. The commercial bingos were played in bingo halls with massive jackpots, but the vintage bingo lost its charm with the advent of online bingo.

Vintage bingo has altogether a different story. The bingo cards are hand printed on cardboards or are rubber stamped. The cards are reusable and players used marks for the called number. Then, after the invention of printing machines, bingo cards were printed on card stocks.

With the change in time and technology, you can now play bingo online available on various websites. And when people started to play bingo online, the game underwent several changes. The virtual cards took place of bingo cards. The players select the cards at random and get around 3 to 4 cards. In some games, the numbers are marked automatically and relatively game patterns are displayed.

In the last three decades, bingo has evolved drastically from the vintage bingo hall. In the late 90’s, bingo underwent some remarkable changes that has evolved into the new century and that is online gambling. As online casinos began to take hold, online bingo websites started altering a variety of games. Now you can see a robust blend of bingo games ranging from free to real money games.

For instance, at the vintage online bingo bingo, you can have all the facilities to enjoy some good times. Bingo Extra is packed with both bingo and slot games which can be played anytime. There are many bingo rooms where you can find different types of bingo games such as 90-ball, 75-ball and 5-line. Just make your choice and hop into one of the rooms. Or move to the slots games and play the newest ones such as Deck The Halls, The Twisted Circus, Bar Bar Black Sheep and Break Da Bank Again.

The online bingo games reward you with different kind of prizes and points that you can accumulate towards a jackpot. These games are considered more social in nature as it involved person from a different background at one spot. The online destination gives you a much larger selection in both the number of websites and the games one can play with. Digital bingo is the revolutionary evolution of bingo that can reach anyone in the world having an internet connection. The online bingo games offer a very fun and well-designed bingo experience.  

Now one can play bingo anywhere 24/7. No one needs to worry about reaching a bingo party or hall on time. The online bingo websites invite you to play their slots round the clock. It cuts down the travelling costs of the players as it enables one to play at home or can organise a gathering to play the game together. The different websites swarm a number of highly experienced players, so you get to play with the best among the lot.

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