Do You Need Help with Claims for Injuries?

Whilst normal personal injury claims may involve slip, trip, and fall accidents, or vehicular mishaps, other cases can surface that can only be described as wacky. For example, a North Somerset council paid a Backwell school teacher thousands of pounds in compensation after she tried to avoid a piece of ham, only to slip on something she described as “gooey”.

Personal Injury Claims Involving Police Officers

In another personal injury compensation case, a West Midlands police officer made a claim after tripping over some blankets while chasing a criminal. Another policeman, in a separate case, fell over some copy paper and sued for injury as well. He was awarded just over 8,000 GBP.

In yet another personal injury case, a British office worker was awarded a personal injury claim for stress related to her job. She received compensation for the depression that occurred after she was given a promotion. She added that the promotion was against her will.

A Food Chip That Was Hard to See

In another wacky court case, a teacher of twenty years slipped on a chip at lunch time. The judge awarded the plaintiff several thousand pounds after she suffered knee ligament damage. She indicated she did not see the small chip because of the pattern and colouring of the tiled flooring.

One case that was found for the claimant involved an artist from London who slipped on fresh pigeon poop underneath the Battersea Bridge. He received 20,000 GBP in compensation.

A Hefty Award

Compensation lawyers also maintained to get a settlement for a trespassing teen, who fell through a roof on a private property. His parents sued after the young man received a serious head injury. The claimant said the injury happened because the fencing at the top of the roof was not secured. Compensation for this roofing mishap was over 500,000 GBP.

In another unusual case, a young boy’s parents sued their dentist. In the incident, the young man, from Stockport, had four of his back molars or wisdom teeth removed. Unfortunately, the dentist mixed up the patient’s file with another client whose last name was the same. After all was said and done, the client received 8,000 GBP.

A Mishap with a Cement Truck

In still another case, in 2011, a man in Kent was driving an open-top car on a warm day when he stopped in stationary traffic. A cement wagon pulled out from a building site and spilt cement all over the client and into his car. He won 4,000 GBF for the personal injury claim.

After reading the above personal injury claims, you may think that your own case is tame by comparison. However, it is no less important. If you feel that you have been injured because of another party’s negligence or recklessness, you need to file a legal claim right away. Talk to a compensation lawyer so that you can fill out the proper paperwork and get your case under way.

When seeking the services of a lawyer in this kind of case, he or she should have plenty of case experience, especially in claims much like your own. He or she should also exhibit a high success rate and be transparent and communicative. Using the right solicitor will enable you to review the benefits and downsides of pursuing your claim, so you can realise positive results.

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