How Digital Devices Are Reshaping Education

Education plays an important role in the life of the students. With the growth in technology, the education sector has seen a drastic change within itself. The traditional method of education was limited to the learning through textbooks which are now gradually shifted to the learning with the digital device. Devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptop or computer, all include learning through the technology. With these devices, students can learn many new concepts, get the solution to various books such as RS Aggarwal Class 8 Solutions, NCERT solution, notes and a lot more.

All these devices provide a number of advantage to the students, such as user-engagement, interactive means of learning through visualization and many more. Let us have a look at the other advantages of using the digital device as a means of learning-


(i) Provides visual learning- The advantage of using the digital device is that it provides the visual means of education. It is a well-known fact that our mind responses in a better manner to videos and animated means of learning rather than the learning through textbooks. This also helps us to retain the concept for a long time, thus we see that digital devices are far better than learning through textbooks.


(ii) A personalized learning tool- Providing students with a self-learning tool will help them to study at their own pace. In a classroom full of students, it’s common for many students to go off track. This would create a state of disinterest for the lecture, but through a personal device, one can easily study according to their pace. This helps them to give full attention to the subject.


(iii) Interesting & Engaging learning- Digital devices are prepared in such a manner that one can easily understand the concepts. Students more often find these videos to be interesting and engaging as they are self-explanatory. One can easily grasp the concepts in an easy manner.


(iv) Global interaction- These devices, through the use of the internet, can help connect to a remote place. One can easily connect to the people around the globe, share their ideas, discuss on various topics, improve their learning or understanding of topics, or get alternative approach to various problem solving without actually being present at the original site. This creates an opportunity for the growth of every individual.

(v) Enhance the practical knowledge- Practical knowledge is more important than the theoretical knowledge. Through textbooks, one can only get the theoretical knowledge, but would never be able to actually visualize the real application of the concept. Whereas, learning through these devices, easily gives the opportunity to get to know the real-life application and their use which will help students to grow to their full potential.

Slowly and gradually digital devices are acquiring the education sector. Students now focus more on online means of learning rather than the traditional ones.

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