The Different Costs that Weddings Involve

As one of the largest events that a couple is ever expected to organise, it’s no secret that a lot goes into the organisation of a wedding. Where there’s a lot of organisation, there are also often a lot of costs. When you’re sitting down to plan your big day, it’s important to know what you need and how much you can expect to spend. So, here’s a list of all the different items you might need to fit on that budget.

The service

There are some costs involved in the service itself, including the cost of renting out the church or wedding venue. There’s a required legal fee, and different churches and venues will have their own costs to consider, too. Some choose to save on these costs by having the service held at the same venue as the reception.

The reception

Booking the event itself, as well as all the food and drink involved. If you have a daytime reception immediately after the wedding as well as an evening reception, that’s two venues you have to consider. Some choose to have a daytime reception in the same venue but in a different area as the evening reception to cut some of the costs.


The most common kind of entertainment at the wedding is, naturally, the music. Live bands, DJs, and singers have widely varying prices, with the most popular often being the most expensive. Other entertainment might include fireworks, a photo booth, a cigar bar, and more.


For most weddings, flowers are the most expensive part of the décor, often taking up more than half of the decoration budget. Stationary isn’t too far behind, often with bespoke cards and menus to celebrate the occasion. Balloons and other décor options like welcome signs take a smaller space in the budget but are still considered important by many.

Outfits, hair & beauty

The bride’s outfit is often the most expensive choice here by a long shot. However, bridesmaid dresses, the groom’s outfit, groom’s party suits, and hair and beauty for the day all need to be considered, too.

Photography and video

While many will turn to the home video expertise of a family member, professional photography at a wedding is considered a must by many couples. Photography packages can include features like photos detailing the morning preparation of both parties, set pieces, photo booths, and more.


When considering how many to invite to a wedding and where the different parts of the day take place, you need to consider transport, too. The bride, groom, and wedding party often travel by classic or luxury cars, while buses are regularly hired to cover long distances for all the attendants.

The cake

Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes with a largely decorative cake and a less showy platter of slices ready for mass consumption. The more bespoke you want your cake, the more you can expect to pay for it.


As well as receiving gifts, many couples also choose to thank and honour their guests by giving something in return. These gifts are often small, whether it’s something simple and pleasing like bespoke sweets or bath salts to enjoy at home or a small commemorative item.

The rings

The rings can’t be forgotten, of course. Costs will vary widely here based on different details like the cut, style, choice, and purity of gem, as well as the ring’s designer. In the vast majority of cases, the groom’s ring is significantly cheaper than the bride’s.

Weddings are highly diverse events with a multitude of options to help you further customise it. You can always skip some of the costs mentioned above or find or make your own alternatives to help you save money. Hopefully, the list helps you nail down what you find and sets a direction for your wedding plans.