Difference Between Binary Option And Forex Strategy

Trading hours or trading sessions – one of basic moments.


  • In forex trade you can keep deal during work week and more, change and open deals, on the assumption of dynamic of price.
  • Long-term deals can increase and decrease.
  • And in forex we can’t know, how much we will earn, because if our deal earn money, no sense to close it. Just you can change stop loss, and it deal in any case will in plus. If this deal, when was corrected, go in minus, you can hedge.

Binary options

  • In trade of binary options we can’t change deal and we exactly know how much we will earn and how much we will lose.
  • Time of positions in trade of binary options limited, that’s why we can’t use forex strategy, that can be used only for long period.

Type of strategy

Strategy of binary options must connect with concrete type of options. If we trade on NO TOUCH, our purpose will make all possible for that price don’t achieve plank in concrete moment. That’s why we will try to find impulsive more on market, wait, when will moment, when market change price suddenly and exactly don’t touch price. Instead of binary options forex have more dynamic, that’s why strategy not depend from type of asset. Trading signals can be in any side.

Limit of profit in binary options

In trade of binary options we know how much we will earn. If deal in plus, it can change route after one second, instead in forex trade in this situation you can move stop loss.

All this difference don’t give us opportunity to use strategy of forex in trade binary options. Main problem here is big risk managment.