Difference between Belyashi and Piroshki!

Belyashi Recipe

They have some difference but they are so similar . it depends on what you have been calling these filled breads since childhood . Piroshki’s appearance is oval and we fill it by baked meat , but Belyashi is circular in shape and sometimes it has hole or not . usually we fill Belyashi by raw meat . we can use its rough for making Ponchiki , however dough slices should be smaller and we fill them with sweet ingredients like jam . once try with carrot jam or strawberry marmalade . its amazing !

There is a slight difference between Belyashi and Miching . the main difference is about their rough , in Belyashi we fry the dough , on the contrary , Miching’s dough is cooked . I’d rather Belyashi should not be greasy .


Ground rule :

We need minced meat or pork for filling Belyashi . also we use carrot , garlic , dill ( preferably fresh ) and onion . be sure to grate carrots and onions well . also crush the dill well . fry the meat and add garlic , pepper and a little salt . cook until the onions are soft . it takes 10 – 15 minutes . then dip the meat in the dill and add your favorite spices then let cool . until the meat is cool prepare Belyashi’s dough .

Pour the dry ingredients ( like flour , salt ) into the mixer and mix , then add yeast , water and oil and mix slowly it takes 8 – 10 minutes . knead dough for 3 – 5 minutes . if your Belyashi’s dry or humid , mix with water or flour to have qulity paste . put your dough in a bowl 3 times larger than it , and cover with nylon . put bowl in warm place , I put near the oven . it takes about one to two hours to double the dough volume . divide the Belyashi’s dough to the desired size with a sharp knife . each piece should be approximately 56 grams . flour your hands and spread the dough in the palm of your hand and fill in the ingredients . fold the dough and make it smooth and round .

Notice a few things :

1 ) be careful about the amount of meat you put in the dough , not too little to overpower the dough , and not too much to pour out .

2 ) making 18 Belyashi is better than to make 20 pasty Belyashi .

3 ) choose a small frying pan to consume less oil . I use sunflower oil for frying .

4 ) after one side of it is golden fry it on other side , use tongs so that it does not burn .

5 ) the oil temperature should be 165 degrees . if the temperature is high , the dough turns brown before it is cooked .

6 ) put them in a strainer to remove any excess oil .

7 ) its better to serve Belyashi warm or room temperature .

8 ) do not refrigerate it for more than 2 hours for your own health .

9 ) make less so you don’t eat leftover food .

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And finally :

Traditionally m it is eaten with garlic . you can also make a sauce for this delicious meal . mix olive oil , water , salt and garlic in the mixer and soak Belyashi in this sauce and serve . enjoy your meal !