Custom T Shirts & Corporate Gifts: Which Promotes Your Brand Better?

Promotion of your service or product not just boosts the overall sales of a business but also provides a brand value. There are several methods that can assist in the promotion of the brand. One of them is advertising by way of customized t-shirts.

What impact does a custom t-shirt create for the promotion of a business?

Custom T shirt for marketing of your company is seen as the simplest and the most convenient means to allure customers. It not just improves the brand value but also visually connects with it to the users. There are several t-shirt printing stores in Singapore that provide incredible strategies for promotion of a business.

Using services of a T shirt printing Singapore is an effective way to launch brand new service or product as an enticing tee. Imprinted with your business logo, these tees can easily attract the entire crowd and assist your business stand ahead of its competitors. People will definitely discuss the logo or name out of curiosity.

Use of customized t-shirts for brand promotion offers multitude of benefits. You need not to do much. Just by wearing it, you can easily gain undivided attention of customers. At the starting, you can easily offer these t-shirts as a free gift. Through taglines and logos, it becomes very easy for your company to put across its message across people.

What makes custom t-shirt printing beneficial for your business?

One of the very important reasons why customized t-shirts have become the best means of product marketing is due to its cost-effectiveness. Unlike other marketing technique, you need not invest a lot in executing it.

All that is needed is just a t-shirt and imprinting brand logo and tagline on it.  A business can even use graphic / icon to make it more compelling. An employee who wears a t-shirt with the company’s logo on it instantly becomes the center of attraction for viewers. People would like to know more about the brand.

Ways to manufacture customized T-Shirt designs

Though it is easy to design a logo for the brand, but it is not that easy to print it on a customized t-shirt. If you are considering customized t-shirt designs for your brand marketing, then here are a few points that you need to consider.

  • Ensure that the logo size is appropriate. This implies that it can easily be viewed from a far distance.
  • As it is the first thing by which people will come to know about your business, you must work hard to make it attractive.
  • Ensure to include a catchy business tagline that has the name of your company imprinted on it. This will infuse curiosity among people.
  • Use superior quality material for your t-shirts.
  • Avoid any slur or any inappropriate image on your t-shirt that can bring a bad name to your business.


Corporate gifts are a very beneficial marketing strategy. They are ideal for those firms that wish to boost their sales, grab public attention as well as fill people with curiosity. This gives a kickstart to your business marketing efforts.