Creative travel scrapbooks and other travel photo preservation ideas

Wish to preserve your travel photographs? You will always have plenty of options available including travel scrapbook ideas. Building your own scrapbook is always a good way to preserve these priceless memories for life and make something that your future progeny and other friends and family members will be delighted see. Making a scrapbook will ensure that your holiday/vacation becomes ultra memorable to say the least! This should ideally contain the printed photographs of landmarks and you and your family members along with other signature shots with labels and preferably a one or two liner description accompanying every photograph. You can decorate the cover beautifully with a lovely and iconic photograph that signifies the country/city that you visited.

This is definitely a fantastic idea and people are taking to it like fishes to water. The popularity of the my travel diary concept is a major indication of the same. Many of us used to write travel diaries when we were younger and were thrilled at exploring new lands with our friends and family members. In today’s times, this has just got a more creative extension with photographs and interesting anecdotes finding their way into these books. As a result, this becomes more of a true heirloom to be passed down from one generation to another! Printing out your photographs and then making scrapbooks and diaries is a great way for preservation while you can easily keep another copy of these albums in your computer. Digital printing is definitely the best way to preserve all your travel photographs and should be on your radar for sure!

You will find many tangible solutions when it comes to printing your photographs digitally. Canvera is one name, which comes to mind in this regard. Canvera offers one-stop solutions for digital printing where you only have to click your pictures, upload them and get them printed as per your choice with a wide range of options available including canvases, posters, regular prints, Youbooks, Sharebooks and more. Here is where you simply order the best photo books online, documenting your travel odyssey.

Apart from these 3 fun ways to preserve your travel photographs, here are 7 more ideas that you can definitely consider:

  • Identification – First have an inventory of where your travel pictures are. Decide which is most important and keep the ones with the highest resolutions (always important when building an inventory of travel photographs).
  • Give every photograph a name and tag the same with information to remind you of the main aspects in the photograph. There are several editing tools that can help you tag your travel photographs. Create a directory structure by organizing photographs based on person, year, and location and so on.
  • Make Copies of your pictures and keep them in various places. Make copies on CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, online storage sites and USB flash drives. Make sure that you have multiple sources to fall back on in the future.
  • External Hard Drives are the most stable option and you can store a massive number of photographs. A 250 GB hard disk will easily help you store up to 44, 000 JPEG images as estimated.
  • R discs are more stable in comparison to RW discs and use the former. You can store around 125 pictures in CDs while DVDs can store almost six times this number.
  • You can use services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive and other storage solutions.
  • There are backup solutions like Code42, CrashPlan and Carbonite, which you can also use for a monthly fee.

You can also opt for printing as mentioned and can choose types like square book photo printing while investing in other online storage solutions as well.