Countdown of My Favorite Singers of All Time

I was chatting with my buddy Marc Hagins last week when the topic turned to famous singers through the years, and who we thought were the best. I was challenged by my friend to write an article about my favorite 5 singers of all time and it most certainly has been a challenge. I absolutely love music and I have a huge list of singers who really get me going, for this reason, whittling them down to just 5 proved to be mighty difficult. Eventually however, I settled on a list which I am happy with and here it is, take a look at see how your list would compare.

Layne Staley

For me there was nobody who embodied the grunge scene quite like the Alice in Chains frontman and whilst singers like Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain will get the credit, Staley should never be dismissed. The carnal sounds which the troubled singer made were out of this world and he always maintained a perfect sense of time, rhythm and tone as he howled through the heart stomping music of the time.

Stevie Nicks


Another troubled singer who had pipes that young girls could only dream of having was Stevie Nicks, the Fleetwood Mac star and successful solo artist. Nicks’ scratchy vocals and huge range gave the impression of a damaged angel and she was key to the success of Fleetwood Mac during her time with the band. There are few singers out there who come close to Stevie when you talk about adding layers of emotion to a song.

Freddie Mercury

Probably the best frontman of all time and one of the greatest singers that has ever lived, Freddie Mercury lit up people’s lives with his showmanship and his vocal ability. Freddie was not only the ultimate performer but he had the voice to back up all of the swagger and pomp which he displayed on stage. You cannot ave a discussion about the greatest singers of all time without mentioning the Queen frontman.

Robert Plant

The first Led Zeppelin song that I ever heard was Black Dog and this was not only an introduction to this mega rock band, but also an introduction to the incredible singing ability of Robert Plant. From that very first ‘Hey, hey mama with the way you groove’ you are instantly transported somewhere out of this world and throughout Plant’s career as Rock god and folk songsmith, he has enthralled and amazed audiences with his immense singing ability.


Amy Winehouse

It would be easy for me to put Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack or Ella Fitzgerald into this list for their outstanding singing ability, but it is the woman who encapsulates them all that I have chosen. Despite the fact that Winehouse had only released 2 albums before her tragic death at age 27, Winehouse had a voice that could cut through life and get straight to the heart of the matter. A talented song writer and a troubled soul who laid it all bare for the watching public, told through that majestic voice of hers.