Comparison Essay Writing Tips from Experts

Essay writing is a requirement that every student has to write; no matter he’s at a high school, college or in his post-graduate studies. There are many types of essays that professors ask you to write depending on the subject matter. A comparative or comparison essay is one of such papers which is a simple essay but can be lengthy. It includes discussions on two separate topics with their similarities and dissimilarities.

Comparison essay requires necessary writing skills with critical and analytical thinking. Students may be asked to write about the “pros vs. cons,” or compare different views, people, things or events. Just like any other type of essay, you must be able to express your purpose clearly and answer the question efficiently for the readers to understand your arguments. Here are some tips to help you organize, compare and contrast your data for a comparison essay.

Research and Structure

Before you can write and compare two subjects, you need to be fully equipped with data and have a clear understanding of what you want to write about. Find out all necessary information that you need for both topics. There are two ways for you to write such an essay.

Contrast and Comparison

  • First, you can start by discussing the first topic. Analyze everything about this subject and provide useful information that you intend to elaborate later on.
  • Then, discuss the second topic in separate paragraphs. Here, the focus needs to be put into the second topic and present data or fact that you would also want to build on later.
  • Analyze the two subjects in the next paragraphs. Discuss their similarities and the differences. Present your arguments like where you stand in this comparison.
  • Then present your conclusion in a neat, stacked and organized form of contrast and comparison.

Similarities and Differences

  • Here you can start by stating the similarities of subject A and B in multiple paragraphs.
  • Then, present in simple words differences between these subjects in the following paragraphs.
  • State your arguments and come to a conclusion which is fair and appropriate.

Additionally, comparison essay is not far-fetched from the basic essay writing guidelines. Despite the required comparison of the two topics, it is primarily all about your thesis, the question that you need to answer and prove with the data you have gathered.  So here are some basic guidelines for structuring a comparison essay.


A comparison essay is a written debate. Before you can start writing, you must analyze your thesis and understand both the subjects. A well-researched comparison essay weighs better because it has complete details and facts about the two issues you are trying to compare.


You may start your essay by discussing a neutral ground between your subjects. Establish your thesis and the focus of your paper and before you move on from your introduction, you must be able to declare where you stand in this comparison.

Body of the Essay

As mentioned above, you can either discuss the subjects separately in paragraphs before you compare them in a stacked structure. It is often referred to as blocked arrangement and you can talk each subject more effectively in this manner. It is best used for two entirely different topics.

The other method is where you discuss each side in every paragraph point-by-point. In this way, you can review the subjects as a whole and their differences in the following paragraph. You can elaborate each point per paragraph before you sum up everything in your conclusion.


In a comparison essay, the conclusion is a summary of the most significant differences between your subjects. Here you will add in your statement, your thoughts and opinion on the matter and which side you stand with. You should be able to convince your reader that has learned something from the essay that you have written.

In writing such an essay, you have to remember to pick up an option or writing style for your writing and be able to stick to it. You can start with one method and mix it up in the middle. Your readers will not understand your essay. Use a straight line of development as you discuss your topics. Tell your audience what you want to and be able to express in your writing. Find a way for your readers to relate to your topic as well. For additional comparison essay writing help you can contact essay writers at