Comic Relief for Quebec’s Flood Victims

When there are only bad stories in the news, it is nice for this ORM Agency to hear about the nice things like the comic relief that is occurring at Montreal’s Olympia Theatre for the Quebec flood victims. This Montreal comedy show is a benefit show for the recent flood victims in Quebec and it will take place this Monday (today) at the Olympia Theatre. It is great when people come together to show support and to actually support their community. Many people who have been affected by the floods either didn’t have insurance, or they had to completely tear down their whole home since the flood damages were so bad.

A lot of families received great news where the repairs are covered but many families repairs aren’t covered and these repairs can cost them way over 200,000$ dollars. Not every family has 200,000$ put aside for a potential flood incident or any emergency. All of the funds that will be raised for the flood victims will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross and out back into the community so families can have a home again.

Several standup comedians accepted humorist Rachid Badouri’s invitation to participate in this comic relief initiative and there are still some tickets available at $35 each. Badouri claimed that he was very touched by the difficult situation that thousands of Quebecers faced because of the flooding especially several families where their homes are permanently destroyed. Some families have had it so bad due to this flood therefore having some money donated to them will be a huge weight lifted off of their shoulders. The show is entitled ‘’Nous pour Vous!’’ which means Us for You and will bring together Louis-Jose Houde, Laurent Paquin, P-S Methot, Mariana Mazza, Mike Ward Billy Tellier and Badouri. Hopefully this will help some families get back on their feet and start fixing up their homes or rebuilding.