How to combat hair loss issues 

With growing busy life and schedule of people then left no time to take care upon hair loss issues. Hair loss issues are faced by both males and females, and this problem is really very common because of hormonal disbalance or pollution issues.  Sometimes people get worried when they face hair loss because of DTH hormone and think that it is a disorder. But hair loss issue because of DTH hormone is very normal and mostly encountered in males. The DTH hormone is a derivative of testosterone hormone which is present in both the sexes. The hair loss problem can be combated with different remedies or with medical help.

Use of minoxidil foam and liquid

There are various Chemicals present in the market for hair loss issue, but people often choose minoxidil. Minoxidil is present in liquid form and is also comes as foam. People have used this chemical, and it has proved to be a topical treatment for hair loss problem. As per this chemical, it was first designed for the problem of hair loss in men. But women and men both use this chemical to overcome the hair loss. This chemical is mainly used to treat the symptoms of androgenic alopecia.  Minoxidil works in the direction to prevent hair loss; it moves in such a way it slows down the rate of hair shedding. When minoxidil is used during the starting phase of alopecia, effective results can be seen. Not only on the preventing the hair loss in issue but this minoxidil also works for generating optimal hair growth on the scalp.

Confused between minoxidil liquid and foam

Minoxidil is a chemical treatment which is available in liquid form and also come in foam manner. People often get confused when they get to choose between these two. Many of them ask this question of minoxidil foam vs liquid.

The development of minoxidil foam is recent before the development people were using the minoxidil oil. Minoxidil foam was developed due to several issues faced by the users like oil is leaving the scalp greasy and the sensation of irritation due to propylene glycol.