Choosing rustic mirrors

No matter whether your personal interior design style is Mid-Century Modern, Farmhouse, Craftsman, or Eclectic, decorating with rustic mirrors can add a visual punch that makes a big difference in the overall atmosphere of your home. Used thoughtfully, rustic mirrors can bring light into any room, add a quirky decorative element, and create the illusion of space. When selecting a rustic mirror to enhance your décor keep in mind key factors such as color, material, size, shape, and placement to best enhance the appeal of your current style and space.

Make the Most of Your Space

Mirrors can be an essential element in creating a dramatic interior. Mirrors play well with other decorative items in dressing up your walls and setting the tone and atmosphere for an entire room. When chosen carefully, a rustic mirror can make or break your design scheme.

Mirrors bring depth and light into a room – think of them as a decorative window that functions as a “virtual view” wherever they are placed. A mirror with a bold, rustic frame functions as the focal point of a room, like a piece of art, which sets the mood for the entire room. A large mirror with an impressive frame will brighten any space, create dimension and luminosity, and visually expand an area.

Mirror Placement

When considering placement, unlike artwork, mirrors do not need to be at eye-level. A carefully-chosen large wood-framed mirror will set the tone for a lively dinner when it is hung lower than standing eye level, to reflect dinner guest’s faces, table decorations and candle glow.

While one very large rustic-framed mirror can make a huge impact, a cluster of smaller mirrors can also add character to your décor. Consider arranging several smaller mirrors around a single starburst-shaped mirror as the focal element in your space.

Mirrors don’t have to be hung to create visual interest. A large mirror balanced against a wall makes a serious statement in a bedroom or entryway, but consider how much foot space a leaning mirror will take when planning your décor.  A grouping of interesting framed mirrors high on a wall will bring light and artistic interest into your room.

What Type of Frame Is Best?

If your rustic mirror is going to be hanging in a bathroom or kitchen, you need to ensure the frame can withstand moisture. For design appeal, check out the other wood surfaces in your room. Choose a rustic framed mirror that blends well with the color and tone of your wood furniture and accessories. One exception of this rule is if you combine an eclectic variety of wood tones, textures and paint colors in your décor. Another design exception is if you are working with a modern interior design. A rustic framed mirror will definitely stand out in a background of sleek, clean lines and stark furnishings.

No matter what your design style, there is a rustic mirror that will fit in with your interior décor and work with your personal aesthetic to create a space you’ll love.