Who to Call to Help You If You Have Been Accused of a Crime in New York

What is a criminal defense lawyer? This is an attorney specializing in the defending of an individual accused of criminal activity. There are some criminal defense lawyers who are privately on retainer to their clients, while others are employed by the various authorities within criminal courts and in most cases, will be appointed to represent those persons who are indigent and cannot afford an attorney. These are attorneys who usually are called public defenders.

Accused of a crime

If you are accused of a crime, you can also try to get your own attorney at Long Island Criminal Attorney which is a firm that does just about anything to help you with law representation. The law firm charges fees that are reasonable and offer a payment plan that is flexible.

Highly rated

Additionally, these attorneys are highly rated by organizations such as:

  • AVVO
  • Super Lawyers
  • American Association for Justice
  • Million Dollars Advocate Forum
  • Many others

Full service

As a New York law firm that is full service – this firm has locations throughout Long Island and NYCC. Additionally, they are available 24/7 to aid you in getting legal help and the justice you need. Regardless of how hard your case may be, Long Island Criminal Attorneys are available to help you.

Written about

This firm has been written about by major organizations such as:

  • FOX
  • NY Post
  • NBC
  • NY Times

Spodek Law Group

This firm is better known as the Spodek Law Group and is a top rated and premier law firm. They understand the harm that a criminal accusation and conviction usually has on a person’s future. For this reason, they take on fewer clients than most other firms since they can better focus on giving their clients results and service, instead of just making a profit. Over 99 percent of cases they handle have ended in positive results for their clients.

Best results

They handle cases that other Long Island criminal law firms turn down. They foresee the opposing prosecutors ‘games and know exactly how to fight them. Most of what they do rotates around obtaining the best results for their clients, and helping them avoid a criminal conviction on their records.