Business Setup in Dubai

The Ten Basic Business Rules That Apply to Running and Operating Your Own Company in Dubai

An Introduction to Virtuzone

Starting your own business can be challenging. We know. We have seen it happen with a lot of our clients. We have walked in your shoes. We were not always the company we are today, helping others to achieve their goals. We have had to struggle like everyone else.

Here at Virtuzone, we believe in 10 simple guidelines or rules to help you get started. Do you want to be a step ahead of the crowd? Follow these simple rules and you will be there. These rules helped us and they can help you too.

1) You need to be true to yourself in Dubai. It does not matter how much someone else makes. You cannot compare yourself to others. You need to find your passion and go for it. You will experience hard times. The passion you feel for your business will get you through the dark times.

2) Business setup in Dubai requires planning. You need to fulfill a need somehow. You need to showcase products and services that are guaranteed to sell. You cannot afford to take chances in the beginning. Wait until you are more established and then try some new things out.

3) You need to do more than just “break even.” You need to sell something that will cost more than it does to buy or sell. What happens when your profit margins are low? You do not have the money to pay rent, hire employees, and expand more in terms of creativity. Breaking even will not cut the mustard. Those who are breaking even do not have a business.

4) Write down every cost you will have, or will potentially have, and then double it. You can put back any money you do not use.

5) Word-of-mouth works better in the beginning. You cannot promise something you cannot deliver. Some businesses will promise something, just to keep their customers loyal. Long story short, they end up with egg on their face. Your false promises will spread to others, trust us on that.

6) You need to understand marketing, or at least the basics of it. You may have the better jacket in stock, but the world will not be beating down your door to buy it. You need to promote, promote, and promote some more. Keep the promotion in check though. You cannot get ridiculous about it. Effective marketing strategies are the key.

7) Show everyone around you that you respect and appreciate them.

“Be kind to people on the way up. You may just see them on the way down.”

There are other working for you. You need to show them respect and appreciation, or they will go elsewhere.

8) We hate to say it, but you do need to be more social. You need to be online as much as possible. Everything happens online now. You need to embrace some of the online strategies, making them apart of your business. You can remain a ghost, but ghosts are not found.

9) You cannot expect your success to happen overnight. You hear stories about people riding in limos, eating at the best restaurants in town, and living in nice homes. That is only for those who make it to the top. We are exaggerating the example to make a point. You will find all of these perks, but only after you have been at this for a long time.

10) You are not an island onto yourself.

“One is the loneliest number that you ever did see.”

You cannot survive on one product or client. What happens when your client decided to go somewhere else? It happens. We have seen it. Learn from those who have made those mistakes. You need to stretch your legs and look for more people to talk to. You also need to backup your files. You cannot rely on one computer to keep everything for you.

Business Setup in Dubai: Call-To-Action

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