Broadfork garden tool: Which type fits you?

It is a good thing that the broadfork garden tool exists, but we have noticed that there are different types and for certain specific purposes. These are some of the reasons that make it not so easy to select the right garden tool judging from the different weight and styles available. In order to make this easy, we will take a look at a few things to consider when about to consider a broad fork for sale.


Factors to put into consideration before purchasing a broadfork

Below are some of the points that you must have considered before you are sure of making the right buy.

Setting your objectives

There are various uses for the broadfork garden tool. The ways in which the broadfork can be used include, but not limited to digging potatoes and carrots, plowing, aeration of the soil, breaking down hard pan. You should first determine what exactly you want to use the broad fork tool for before you can decide which tool would be best for this.

Now, let’s consider the different purposes that the broadfork tool can be reasonably used for.

Plowing purpose

For the sake of those that intend plowing a land manually, especially if it is hardpan or sod, the durability factor of the type of broad fork tool in use should be considered. Once you understand how to plow with the broadfork tool you would know that the Meadow kind would fit more than the Johnny’s broad fork for this purpose. In short, simply go for a broad fork tool that comes with steel handles and deep tines if you plan to plow hardpan, loosen up compacted soil, and remove rocks or plant trees.

Deep tilling and aeration purpose

The broad fork tool meant for aeration is quite different from the one meant for plowing. The fact that it would be used for more work should reflect in its weight – it should be lighter so as not to wear the user out. Trying to loosen up your soil before planting using a heavy broad fork tool would get you gassed out easily. Whereas, using a wide broad fork tool is ideal for plowing in order to cover more surface area with each pull. So, keep the broad fork tool light in order to work more when aerating your soil.

Aeration and plowing combined


Well, there are some gardeners that need a broad fork tool that can manage both operations. When the need calls for a tool that can do both soil aeration and plowing comfortably, then a broad fork having hollow, steel handles and tines of a medium length would do the job. This feature combination means it can be light enough for the user to take on long chores of deep tilling, and the design makes it sturdy and efficient for plowing. The clue here is to go for a broad fork tool that is mid-weight and has medium length tines.

All in all, before you go shopping for your next gardening tool, you should consider the facts given above. This way, you can be sure that the next broad fork tool that you purchase for you garden would be exactly what you need and there would be no cause to think of a replacement anytime soon.