Beyond Donating Money

It has always been taught to us right from our parents to the preachers we follow that we should always share. Greed can bring a momentary happiness but giving brings an eternal bliss. It is what makes us human. This is the primary reason why people turn in to philanthropists. Giving away something valuable of yours for others happiness leads to redemption. It fills that empty void within us which no wealthy of the entire world can. Sages and Gurus know that which is why they leave all the world riches and dedicate their lives for the well being of humanity.

This by no means should be interpreted to being asked to leave everything. The crux of the matter is that one should indulge on self in one or the other kind of charity. A person doesn’t have to contribute a huge amount of cash. But at least one percent of the monthly income can definitely be donated. And in this digital era, one even doesn’t have to go to a trust or organization to do that. There are a number of NGOs and Charitable Trusts which accept an online donation.One can always log on to the website of his/her trusted organisation and make an online donation in charity. The process is very simple and anyone who knows a little about online shopping can do that. There is also an added advantage. The amount you donate will be tax free and these organisations will provide the necessary documents to make that happen.

Online charity donations can be risky if one hasn’t done a thorough background check. One of the best ways of doing is to visit an organisation which raises funds for a cause, pay them physically once and then you can continue with online donations. There are organisations which will make provisions in such a way that a fraction of your income will go to charity directly every month.

But charity is not just about donating money. It doesn’t matter if one cannot effort monetary donations. Charitymumbai can also mean that one can promote a certain fundraising program as a volunteer. You can always post for these websites in social media or conduct your own fundraising camp. There are certain websites which can help you with that. Apart from that one can write interesting blogs, write-ups, making videos from their mobile phones and do various other activities. Even the smallest effort can sometimes bear the sweetest fruits.


Charity is not just giving away money for the sake of doing it. Visit the people to whom you have donated something and you will understand the power of giving. Their gratitude filled eyes, their contended smiles would worth so much more than a trifling effort you made. One might have given away the money as charity, one was to use to watch a movie or have a few drinks but realising that it fed a human being for an entire week is an ecstatic feeling.