The Best Travel Nursing Companies Excel at These Things

Travel nursing companies employ registered nurses to work on nursing assignments away from their home cities or countries.

Today with large shortages of quality nurses in so many places, these agencies have multiplied and become very aggressive in marketing to nurses. Like in any industry some of the companies are great at what they do, while others are not. For nurses looking to become travel nurses, it is important to pick a travel nursing agency that will provide the things you need and deserve.

Whether they are capable at providing what you need and deserve on a high level will determine how satisfied you are with you job. So here are some tips for you to follow and what you will find when you interview with the best travel nursing companies:

They Provide Work Where You Want

Good agencies can offer you a variety of consistent work in many different places. Some of this work might be in your country and some might be internationally. You should have a choice made available to you that includes a mix of the tow. Keep in mind, your options might be limited based on the registration and visa requirements of certain countries. This might limit where you can work.  

They Provide the Type of Work You Want

A primary reason you sign with a travel agency is because they can get you quality work assignments. You might prefer hospital work as opposed to home care. Can they get you into a good hospital in a place where you prefer? If you want home care, what are the types of patients you will be caring for? Is the description to your liking? These are important things to assess when talking with a travel nursing agency. Ask them about their typical assignments. Also ask to talk with some of their other nursing clients about their job experiences.

They Provide the Amount of Work You Want

Good travel agencies have their nurses working all the time. Travel nurses choose assignments that have a particular length of time or can be open ended. If you prefer to work for a set period of time and then take some time off, you have this option. You might want to work in one country for six months and then try a new place. Travel nurses who love to travel can test out a new country or city to see if they want to settle there. If so, they know their way around because of their work assignment. When you take the job you will of course be given a work schedule but you should plan that this schedule will be flexible and depending on the assignment you choose there may be lots of additional hours and overtime required.  This can be the norm depending on where you are working, but you will be in some control of your schedule as a travel nurse. If it gets too hectic, you can take a break after your assignment and relax a bit.

Take good notes during your interviews and do not be bashful about asking pointed questions. Also understand clearly about travel and living arrangements at your job location. This information can sway your decision.