Best movie download sites

Downloading TV shows and movies from illegal sources like torrent sites can easily get you in trouble. You always get info on these developments each time. Google, which is the largest search engine in the world, keeps deleting pirate links from the results to ensure that the internet remains safe and better for everybody.

In the place of being a victim of illegal streaming sites, there are a lot of legal sources which provide free TV shows and movies. You need to look on the list for free and legal download sites. While these sources have a lot of content, they have the expectation of growth with time so as to expand collection. Below are some of the sites that you only need to download app and start enjoying like the uTorrent.


This source is great for movies download. When you pay a visit to this free download site, you will get your hands on free TV shows and classics in the public domain. This content has the classic UHF android app for watching while on the go.

Thanks to menus that are genre specific, searching movies on this site is quite simple. The site splits the content in diverse popular categories like comedy, adventure, crime, Sci-Fri, cartoons, drama, war, horror, and westerns. If you are on the lookout for content in one location, you just have to click on the all movie list button. You can choose to sign for the newsletter that will update you on new content.


This site is great for free movies and Sony owns it. Naturally, you will get a lot of watchable movies. You just need to sign up, formulate a wish list, and you will get recommendations as per your priorities.

It offers many popular TV shows and movies you cannot find for free on other sites for as long as you have the willingness of watching some commercials and ads. Some great offerings include Firefly, Seinfeld, and sporty jeopardy. You just need to download its app and you will be able to watch everything on the go.

Open Culture:

This download site offers a lot of quality videos from all over the world. It is a home to free online courses, free language lessons, and free movies. Since founding in 2006, it has six sections including e-Books, language lessons, online courses, movies, audiobooks, and textbooks. The section of movies consists a perfect collection. It has over one thousand free movies which have a collection of Charlie chaplain and Oscar winning movies.


This movie streaming site is owned by screen media ventures. It offers a lot of original content and domain movies. You can use it to view content in any device without a budget. It hosts a lot of movies spread across categories like action, drama, horror, comedy, and much more. You will also watch full national geographic series and TV shows.

Classic Cinema Online:

If you are a cinema fan, this site will become a novel best friend to you. This site hosts classics like Mobey Dick, Bye Bye Birdie, Lone Ranger, and much more. Using the helpful sorting aspect will help in choosing content that suits you and you will enjoy instantly the movies as you eat popcorn.